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Opinions please.... Do's and Dont's Baby shower

Hi, well to start of I'm expecting my 3rd baby and will be the last as I will have permanent surgery once baby is born. I have never had a baby shower and I would like one as a memory not much because of gifts... My mom doesn't have time to plan because she works a lot but she has asked me if I would want to do something at her house. I don't know how baby showers work or if it's correct to do one this way. Please enlighten me with your opinions and/or advice, thank you.

P.S. I am Hispanic so any kind of gathering will include children, women and men.

Re: Opinions please.... Do's and Dont's Baby shower

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  • ecwkecwk member
    The two PPs read my mind. They've explained the etiquette about showers being for first time moms etc. I'd just like to reiterate that if it is memories that are important, have a party, decorate the venue, have fun but don't mention a registry or gifts!

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  • Thanks for the advice, as I said I don't know much about baby showers and I always see or here of others making baby showers for every baby they have and being the hosts. That's why I mentioned I'm Hispanic, maybe it goes by culture as well. I'm too busy in my own world that I don't really talk to anybody to actually know what's going on these days. Again thanks, I'll take your advice in consideration.
  • First time writing here so sorry I don't know exactly how to reply to each individual.

    I also wanted to add that the party idea would be nice and perfect the only problem is that my husband and I have never hosted a party we are young and have focused more on priorities and other things so we are not very sociable. As far as family, my husband doesn't talk to his family and their are a couple of my family members he does not get along with. It's a challenge to have get togethers at all. Regardless thanks, and I'll see what I can do. If there is a chance that I can host a family gathering without anybody being uncomfortable than I will.
  • As a shower my husband would not be assisting, it would be done on a weekend that he works. My family and close family friends would assists, which is a big amount of people. If it would have been a party he would have invited coworkers that he gets along with, one aunt that is the only family he speaks to, and my parents. No other relative of mine would be invited.
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    Given your social situation and your relationship to both families, I think you should think about who would be invited and if you really even want to do this.  If it's going to be awkward and uncomfortable, don't bother.  Or suggest to your mom that it just be a ladies luncheon with women on your side of the family.
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