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Monday Intro

Hello lovely ladies!

I am new to this particular board. I was on the TTC board for a few months. I am 5 weeks along with our first child and we are both over the moon. I'm sure our dog is as well. :)

I teach, so I am enjoying this last week or two off and excited to start the new school year! I am a little nervous that I will start having severe nausea beginning the first week of school. 


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  • Welcome and congrats! I am also a teacher. We're in pre-school right now, students start a week from today. I'll be 8 weeks when they show up...hopefully if no m/s has come by then (so far so good!) I'm in the clear...hoping the same for you!
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  • Welcome! Hope all is well with school starting. Schools here started a week ago!
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    Thanks ladies!

    We start school on September 8th this year. That is incredibly late!

    @imrachellea, I hope you have a bathroom in your room, just in case!
  • Welcome and congrats! Hopefully no m/s for you :)
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  • Welcome/congrats! I am also a teacher and got pregnant with my son around the same time. I had just started at a new school and was SO sick for all of the teacher workdays. I remember sitting in meetings/trainings, feeling SO miserable, and of course no one knew... horrible! I am already back, our kids start on Wednesday.. so far so good, hoping I don't get *too* sick this time but we shall see! Welcome and congrats!


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  • Oh also, when I finally told my (high school) students that I was pregnant, they were like "duh. You've been drinking so much ginger ale. And getting chubby."
    Thanks guys.


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  • Oh geeze! How lovely!

    I work with second graders, so any time I wear a belt or a dress that is close to empire waist, I have at least one kid ask me if I'm pregnant and of course, I wasn't!

    I had my first person, after finding out we were pregnant, ask me if I was pregnant. My husband and I dated a long time and we have been married for 4 years. People expected we would have babies right out of the gate. So this weekend, I went to a big town fair and my old best friend's mom came up to me. The first thing out of her mouth was. "So when are you having a baby? Are you at least trying?!" Who asks that? But I just shrugged and said, "No baby yet." At least it's not a lie.
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