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11 things you didn’t know about breastfeeding

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Moms have super-powers, and breastfeeding is one of them! Some of these special skills are even passed along to baby. Did you know breastfed babies can identify their moms from milk scent alone? 

Check out more surprising facts about breastfeeding here

What other amazing breastfeeding facts can you share?

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Re: 11 things you didn’t know about breastfeeding

  • Interesting facts. My SIL has a 4 month old and pumped enough to return to work as a teacher but decided not to go back. I'm actually planning to use some of her milk because pumping every time I nurse hasn't given me enough to give him breast milk when I go back to work and we only get 2 15-minute pumping breaks. It will be a blessing for us for sure. I just hope to kee up my supply and breast feed when I am with him
  • Good information. Thank you for sharing.
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  • It reduces baby's risk for SIDS!

    And re: sharing breastmilk, while it's not something I have done myself or think I would do, I don't think it's "disgusting" or something we should scold another woman for. I remember my mom telling me how it wasn't uncommon for her and her sisters to share milk when all of them had their babies around the same time. Also, some women cant breastfeed but still want to reap the benefits of breastmilk. Even the FDA says it's okay provided your doc is okay with it and it's someone you know well (i.e. no risk of HIV, drug use, etc.)!
  • There is nothing wrong with sharing breast milk. How is that unsanitary? Also, there are milk banks for a reason AND people donate milk to NICUs for babies as well. I would research before putting someone down.
  • You're joking right? This is a mom support page not a judgemental page! Saying it's disgusting and practically shaming her for thinking of sharing breast milk is quite disgusting of your part. Don't make yourself look ignorant. Many people share breast milk look it up and educate yourself. Premature babies are often given breast milk from donators.
  • Exactly! There are a couple of very active Facebook pages if you're interested in donating or in need of milk/extra milk. I happen to have an over supply, at least for the time being, and there are women who just don't produce enough to women who have had double mastectomies, but still want their children to reap the benefits of breastmilk. Some women get milk from multiple donors, too, so any bit you can offer helps!
  • I think it's awesome you have someone to share with. I wish I did as in having a hard time producing enough to feed mine alone. I'll never have back up. Which is kind of weighing on me because I'll pretty much have to quit breastfeeding when I go back to work. Good for you and don't listen to anyone who says anything different!
  • This is all really true and it's amazing what our bodies can do. Breastmil will change if baby is was sick and antibodies come in and help fight the sickness. Crazy amazing! 
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