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11 things you didn’t know about breastfeeding

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Moms have super-powers, and breastfeeding is one of them! Some of these special skills are even passed along to baby. Did you know breastfed babies can identify their moms from milk scent alone?

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What other amazing breastfeeding facts can you share?

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Re: 11 things you didn’t know about breastfeeding

  • Hi! I have a small breast and shy nipple (size between 30A) - even in pregnancy time my breast size never increased. So I am so worried to full bf my 3rd baby as now I am 29w pregnant.

    I have success bf 1weeks only to my 1st baby but due to by normal press out also max less then 1oz (now he was 12 yrs old ) but due to low supply and pressure given by parents in law scare baby hungry - I give up continue BF.

    2nd baby I no BF any due to some personal reason now he was 8yrs old.
    But this time I want try full BF . I am so worried now .
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    I get tons of sleep!  And my breasts can sooth my baby whenever he is upset. I breastfeed and I co-sleep which is the natural and evolutionary way to feed your baby. The way mother nature intended. When my baby is hungry, he just feeds and we both fall blissfully back to sleep. If you follow the proper way to co-sleep (remove pillows, sheets etc), you are good to go. And because your baby is breastfeeding, their necks become stronger much faster than non breastfeeding babies.  And he rarely cries.  Seriously people say he's the happiest baby they've ever seen (usually these comments come from relatives who didn't breastfeed or co-sleep with their children). I also fly with my son all the time and he never cries on the plane either. I can't tell you how many times I have gotten off of a plane and people have seen me walk by with my baby and they are shocked and say "there was a baby on the plane?!?! I didn't hear any crying. What a good baby!". Breastmilk is more bio-available than formula and therefore will process through the body easier and faster than formula. I wish I could be with my baby all the time but I have to work. So I pump while at work and use a Spectra s2 and the Pump Strap. I need to pump more though I've noticed because he drinks more when I am away from him than he would if I was breastfeeding him. The breastmilk is the scent of me and because he wants to be with me, he drinks more. So keep that in mind. But I can pump at least 5 oz each side most sessions with the Pump Strap and my pump.
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