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How to deal with annoying pregnancy skin issues


Re: How to deal with annoying pregnancy skin issues

  • I had really bad dry skin, and eczema around my mouth and on my chin. I've been using Live Clean baby wash to wash my face. And then coconut oil and Fab ultra repair cream (Sephora) as my moisturizer. Every once in a while, I add a few drops of Keihls Midnight Recovery Concentrate to my moisturizer. That has helped take my dry spots away.

    Add coconut oil to a warm bath to help moisturize and take away the itch. Bio Oil on your tummy after too!
  • Glad to know I'm not alone, red dry spots all over... Mostly on stomach
  • I am suddenly allergic to my face wipes/make up remover. So that was fun to discover just before going to a concert. Thank goodness Im not allergic to my make up otherwise I would have had to go all red and splotchy like my face was just a huge rash.
  • What glow !? Suddenly my face has been terrible around my chin and my skin is dull and pale. Id rather have full on teenage zits than these things that just sit under my skin for days and never do anything but look red ! I've stepped up my regime this week to make sure that I don't miss a morning or night.. Cleaning with my clarasonic morning and night with Olay age defying cleanser, cleansing with Clinique cleanser and toner and I've been using a bronzing face moisturizer once a day because I can't stand being this pale. I've been avoiding wearing makeup every day to see if that helps - let's see after 7 days if anything improves !
  • I use tea tree facial wash and toner from the body shop. And use st. Ives facial lotion. It works well. I never break out.
  • I am a FTM at 27 weeks experiencing PUPPS I've been only using lotion so far and cold compress when the itching gets bad. Anyone have any other suggestions on how to maintain it? From what I've read I'll probably have this until I deliver..
  • Ever since my first trimester, I've had very little break outs on my face. However, in the past few weeks, my back acne has gotten worse and worse and worse. It's spread to my shoulders and is now spreading to my neck and chest. It's driving me insane.
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  • Broke out in a red papular rash on my face this evening.  Since I'm not someone who has a lot of skin issues.  I was a bit concerned.  My mom seems to think it's due to acidic foods I've eaten today.  I had spaghetti, salsa, and a strawberry
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