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Could I be pregnant again? *cross-posted*

I'm sorry if this is a common question but I've been searching all over Google and just can't find an answer. I do have my post partum check up soon but I just wanted to see if anyone here had any info on whether it was possible that I could be pregnant so soon.

August 1st I gave birth to my beautiful daughter who I was only about 19 weeks along with. She had passed a few days before they induced me on the 31st and I gave birth 23 hours later. She had a birth defect that was not chromosomal so they said the chance of us having another baby with a birth defect is not any higher than anybody else's chance.

Anyways! I had heavy bleeding for a few days afterwards, by the 7th it had slowed to barely anything and my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex that day, twice on the 8th, and once yesterday the 15th. I'm still bleeding a tiny bit on and off, but I've been having really bad cramps that I thought had died down a bit but then started back up again a couple days ago ):

I really really want to get pregnant again right away but my boyfriend is kind of hesitant so we were planning on going back on BC at my post partum visit for maybe a few months, but if it happened before then he was gonna be okay with it. My mom is an RN but has never worked specifically with pregnant women, and she said she didn't think I could be pregnant if I was still bleeding and cramping, I've read on some sites that it's highly unlikely getting pregnant during the first 6 weeks after giving birth regardless of breastfeeding or not, and I've read on other pages that you're super fertile and drop multiple eggs shortly after birth.

Also, if there is a possibility I could have ovulated and conceived sometime since I gave birth, when would be a good time to take a pregnancy test? I have one of those digital clear blue early detection tests left over from when I found out I was pregnant the first time, and the first time I got a positive like before my period was even late, 2 weeks after I conceived. And the test says it can detect a pregnancy one week after conception but Idk how accurate that is. Since its only been 9 days since I had unprotected sex for the first time not being pregnant, should I wait longer to take the test, or is it not worth taking at all cuz it's so unlikely I'm pregnant cuz I'm still bleeding and cramping?

Sorry this is so long. Thank you in advance to anyone who can help me out.

Re: Could I be pregnant again? *cross-posted*

  • So sorry for your loss. I highly doubt you could become pregnant so soon after a loss and while you are still bleeding. If you take a test now, it may still be positive from leftover hcg from your loss. I got pregnant 2 weeks after my d&c, but had stopped bleeding for an entire week prior and took hpt until I got a negative after my loss, so when I did get a positive, I knew for sure it was a new pregnancy. So, if you take a test now, you could still get a positive from your leftover hormone or it is super unlikely I think, but maybe a new pregnancy. Or, it could be a negative which would indicate the hormone has dropped enough for you to potentially ovulate and conceive again. So, if you do test, and it is a positive, I suggest testing again in a week to see if the test lines are getting darker or lighter. If they are darkening, it could be a new pregnancy, if they are getting lighter, it is probably leftover hormone from your loss still leaving your body. Dollar tree has tests for $1, obviously lol, that measure as low as 25 hcg which is the lowest i have found in store, not online, that you can buy. I bought like 10 after my loss to track my levels down. Keep us posted on what you find out!!
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