Anyone takw Melatonin or other meds for sleep aids? — The Bump

Anyone takw Melatonin or other meds for sleep aids?

My LO is 10 weeks and sleeping beautifully from 10 until 10 with one or two feeds. I am up for hours when he is sleeping and have generalized anxiety disorder. My ob said I can use unisom sparingly half a tablet every other day. My gp said melatonin which helps but am wondering how safe it is. I have also tried mediation white noise and am starting to exercise again. The gp thought I would benefit from anxiety meds but wasn't sure what was safe and could see it would make me give up bfing. Not sure what else to do. Also I think sometimes I actually do sleep but my mind feels like it is still awake. I dreamed last night that I was awake in my bed only to wake up in a different position. The whole thing is strange. I have also had my thyroid checked. Sorry to ramble.
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