Pregnant after a Loss

ultrasound monday.... SCARED

Getting an early ultrasound Monday to rule mulitples. I am so nervous.... and I think if we had not had our loss.. I would be so excited! Now, all I can think of the things that go wrong....
oh well. .. WISH US LUCK

Re: ultrasound monday.... SCARED

  • Luck! I know how you feel, we found out about our loss at an ultrasound and it totally ruins them for you. Just remember that every pregnancy is different. I'm sure it will be fine, just try to relax.
  • Good luck! We also discovered our loss at an ultrasound and now I am not nearly as excited to get them as I used to be.
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  • We should just term it - USA (although typing it out now perhaps it's not as appropriate - ultrasound anxiety). #-o

    While I never even made it to an u/s with my first two losses they have still been horrifying. I feel like I sit in the waiting room holding my breath, bracing for the worst.

    I also totally hear you about the blissful ignorance that I had with that first pregnancy. I long for it - it makes all subsequent pregnancies so hard to just enjoy.

    But I know that @PlainJane8350 is right - all pregnancies are different and all you can do is hold on to hope.

    Good luck and let is know how it goes!!!
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  • So much luck and everything crossed! I can't wait to hear an update on Monday--I wish we could all go back to blissful pregnancy innocence!

    @borgahurst Ultrasound anxiety is a perfect term! I love it! I was somehow completely numb and completely panicked when we went for our first at 7 weeks. The few people who knew were so excited for us to go and most couldn't understand why I was clearly dreading it. The 11 week appointment was slightly easier (though our midwife walked in the room and said "do you want me to find the heartbeat first and then chat so you're less anxious?" Clearly, I said YES!!!). 15 weeks is coming up and I'm hopeful that will be good and I'll feel her start moving soon. Please, oh, please, oh please!
  • Good luck!!
  • Yes, @mwmiller4! I'd always ask them to make sure that the baby was O.K. before I'd look. I never relaxed until I could feel her move!
  • Good luck!
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  • Good luck. Just keep your head up and always have faith
  • Going In about 4 hours.... I barely slept and have a raging headache... we are right at 5 weeks so there's not much to see.... which should make me less apprehensive but it doesnt.
  • Good luck! I will be in a similar situation next week, going in for the first ultrasound. So hard not to think of what happened last time, just trying to be optimistic this time around.
  • How was your appointment @MamaRoni ?
  • I hope all was well! keep us updated! I have my ultrasound tomorrow, exactly the same time I found out I had a missed miscarriage last time. I am so nervous!
  • Tbh... I had almost a full out panic attack. Everything looked perfect for 5 weeks.... but I am so dang scared! Bp was 180/92... head was pounding... nausea and couldn't quit crying.
    Let me just say.... I'm not like that! When we lost the baby in April at 11 weeks.. I finished my patients for the day... had my surgery the next morning and went right back to Work. I tried my best not to dwell on our loss but was very honest on social media and hopefully opened the doors of communication about the subject but apparently. ... all of these emotions just came flooding out today. It been a bad bad day
  • I'm so glad to hear things look great, but I'm so sorry you had such a rough day. I hope tomorrow is better, but I know how awful the anxiety can be. When's your next appointment?
  • @mwmiller4 he wants to see me every week until 20 weeks... which is super scary in itself!
    I'm not doing any more blood draws because the anxiety is killing me... honestly.
  • Oh man. That is super intense. I'm so sorry. :(
  • Glad everything looked good for 5 weeks! For me, every appointment makes me anxious, but it would make me more anxious to have to wait a month between visits wondering if everything is going okay. I hope you get to see that little flicker next week, I know 6 weeks is still a little too early to see a heartbeat sometimes, but sometimes not. I wish I had a fix for the ultrasound anxiety, but I am in the same boat.
  • That's how I found out about our loss too so good luck I appreciate how upsetting it can be.
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