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Butt Paste Not Working or Formula Allergy

LO is 3 1/2 weeks. He keeps getting a diaper rash which I know is normal but today around his anus there are raised bumps that are mildly bleeding. We were using Desitin and changed yesterday to Butt Paste. Also, before all this, in the last week or so LO has been spitting up more, crying more, extremely gassy, getting dry patches on his forehead and not sleeping well. Strictly formula fed - Enfamil Gentlease.

So in your opinion/experience, do you think that the rash with bleeding may be from the change of diaper rash cream OR is he allergic to the formula?
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Re: Butt Paste Not Working or Formula Allergy

  • I'd give my pediatrician a ring and get his/her thoughts.
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  • Those brands don't work on Our LO either. We mix organic baking soda and unpetroleum jelly together and smear it on. It works wonders! I would be surprised if your LO just had a butt rash from an allergy I would expect it to be more of a reaction but I'm not a dr so I don't know
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  • If the rash continues, I use coconut oil on babies bum, I learned this trick with my kid before and it can work miracles.
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    My LO had a red butt, no bumps, and the doctor said its because their poop is acidic. We started to use the butt paste & it had worked very well! No more redness and we are continuing to use it as a preventive measure (he is EBF)
  • I would think if it were the formula he would have had a reaction prior to last week, but I'm not sure. I would check with the pediatrician at this point since his rash is bleeding. If you can give him some naked time too the air is supposed to be good for their skin when it's irritated.
  • Of nothing is working on the rash, take LO to the doctor. They can give you something if the rash is bad. My sister had this problem with both her kids. Over the counter ointment doesn't work on them. The spitting up and all could be a number of things.
  • Have you changed anything else - diapers, wipes, detergent? I would think a formula allergy would have shown up earlier. My LO got a diaper rash at about 2 weeks, and I suspect it was from Parents Choice wipes I was using. I called the dr, and they suggested not using wipes for a while and cleaning her with just warm water and sterile gauze. For poopy messes, I did use the wipes, but then used the guaze/warm water as a final "rinse" before I put on the new diaper. I made sure to pat her completely dry before putting on the new diaper. I also did baking soda soaks a couple of times a day for a few days. Nurse also said to let her go diaper less for a little while every day to air out the rash. That can get messy, but it does help. Once it was cleared up, we switched to Huggies Natural and she seems OK with them.
    Definitely talk to your dr. My LO didn't have bleeding, so maybe the baking soda thing isn't the best idea for you as it might sting.
    Good luck!!
  • When my LO had a bad diaper rash (tiny bit of bloody spots, butt was bright bright bright red with little bumps around the crack) when we changed him, we would take him over to the sink and just let water run down his buttcrack to get him cleaned off. You could tell by the look on his face how relieving it felt.
    We also switched to the pampers sensitive wipes and used the red tube of butt paste (that's the extra strength). It took about a week until it was cleared up.
  • My LO had the same thing! Nothing was helping so I started changing constantly with any wetness and using baby powder and it cleared up within a couple days
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  • I change constantly, squeeze warm water over his butt & genitals daily, & use the red tube of butt paste...he had no bumps, but all redness went away & looks great now. My pediatrician did say that if they were bumps it could mean like a yeast infection and you can use Monistat
  • I only use Vaseline on his bottom after he broke out in a rash from A and D ointment.
  • Not this LO, but with my first I BF for 3 or 4 weeks when we noticed constant crying with feeds, extreme gas, diaper rash and puking. We did an upper GI study for the puking and tried zantac for acid reflux, no luck. Changed my diet to soy milk and avoided dairy, no luck. Switched to gentlease, gas became worse. Switched to prosobee, hives head to toe. He ended up with milk, soy, egg white/yolk and peanut allergies. So the first 4 or 5 months were hell with feeding. Not saying your LO has allergies, but with the symptoms it doesn't hurt to talk to your pediatrician. Hang in there, it gets better. He's now a happy, spunky, smart and growing 19 month old!!!!
  • Have you tried water wipes? You can get them on Amazon and they are great. Even the sensitive wipes seemed to irritate my little guy but no issues since we switched to the water wipes.
  • My MIL gave my husband a tube of some kind of magic ointment when our LO had horrible diaper rash. I was amazed by how fast the rash went away! I saw a significant difference after just a few diapers. Come to find out it was ointment for athletes foot and jock itch. It works wonders!
  • My LO has an allergy to cows milk and his oor tushy broke out in a blister like rash. it was very upsetting. While changing him to soy formula, I tried everything to get rid of the rash. It was a lot of work, but I kept up with it, and within 6 days, the rash was completely gone.

    1. no wipes at all. I used the peri bottle they gave me in the hospital and I put a towel under him and squirted his tushy with the bottle and patted it dry with a towel and then fanned it until he was 100% dry.

    2.Just like you, butt paste wasn't working so we tried Aveeno baby. it worked great.

    3.Oatmeal bath. I used the unflavored, plain quick oats, 3/4 a cup, boiled it with water, let it cool cown, and let LO sit in it in his tub for about 5 mintes every night.

    4.naked time as much as possible

    5.Put baking soda on his tushy once a day to help dry it out.

    this worked for us and I really hope it can be some kind of help for you. It was a lot of work but it was so worth having that rash vanish. I know how upsetting it can be. Best of luck!

    Always hold on to hope ❤
  • Sounds like dairy issue to me.
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