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Why does everyone think BF baby is hungry?

Okay sort of just a vent here, but why does everyone think my BF baby is hungry? My DH mentioned to his mom today in a text that our son was crying. Her first response was 'is he getting enough food?' He said yes she's getting ready to feed him now. Our boy has been crazy fussy the last three days. Like if he's awake and not on my boob he's crying. So I texted my mom asking if she had any mom tricks up her sleeve to help. Her first response was 'is he gassy?' I said no we even tried gripe water and gas drops. Next suggestion from her-'give him some cereal in a bottle'. I know their intentions are good, but my baby is on my boob every hour and a half. He's definitely eating plenty! And he shows every sign of being full as soon as he's done eating. He's also only 5.5 weeks old. The crying does come after he wakes up though. He is just basically obsessed with sucking eight now and won't take a pacifier. Is this the general response that most people get? Or is it just me? Even my husband does it sometimes!

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  • He could be going through a growth spurt. I have read that when they go through one they are more fussy than usual, sometimes even at the breast. When you feed on demand it's baby's way of making sure your supply is keeping up with them during a growth spurt. Mine is just over 3 weeks old now and today he has been attached to me every 1.5 hours. And is super fussy. I'm guessing growth spurt as this is not normal for him. They can last a day or a week...hang in there momma.
  • Talk to your pedi - my DD was diagnosed with silent reflux at 1 month old.  I only mentioned that he seemed fussy even when he wasn't hungry and actually questioned the diagnosis, but as soon as we started the Rx Zantac, he was so much better.
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  • Thanks. I talked to th LC a little bit ago. She said it sounds like a growth spurt, but if it keeps up over the whole weekend I'm going to call the doctor on Monday.
  • Based on his age this is a classic 6w growth spurt. Just wait it out.
  • I know what you mean! I've been going through the same. DS will get fussy and his father will automatically think he's hungry. I had sort of a hard time breastfeeding when we first started out so I still worry sometimes that I'm not giving him enough. My LO is gaining weight really well though. I know I'm doing a good job but when people ask it makes us doubt ourselves.
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