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23 months.... Major nap issues!

So my toddler has realized that the past few days (one here and two and Grandma's) he got away without a nap. He lays there for a bit and then starts calling you in and is all smiley and it seems he doesn't need the nap. He refuses to lay back down. He's tired. He's rubbing his eyes and is an absolute monster a couple of hours later in the day. Up until now he has been napping 3 hours a day and sleeps a solid 12 hours at night. I don't think he is ready to give up his nap but I have no idea what to do. I've tried every trick we have an established routine for over a year and a half now. He stands up and just cries yelling "no mom". Breaks my heart. I usually let him get up because he doesn't settle on his own. Any nap time fighting sleep suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! And did anyone's toddler stop napping this early? Thanks!

Re: 23 months.... Major nap issues!

  • My 3.5 year old still takes a nap so that seems super young to me.

    He knows that he can scream and yell and fight the nap and you'll go get him. Not trying to make you feel bad but he knows he can manipulate the situation to result in his favor. He might be tired but he's a kid and all kids love to fight sleep.

    You'll have to be tough and be consistent every single day moving forward if you want him to know you mean business. I'd keep putting him back in bed and telling him it's nap time, or, ignore him when he's screaming. I bet it won't take long at all for him to go back to napping.

  • From what I understand, two year olds don't really need naps, it's really more for our sanity. I know a lot of kids around 2 who start dropping them completely.
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  • My 23 month old is going through the same thing! He's fine during the day which makes me nervous that he doesn't need them anymore. I don't think two is to early to stop napping even though he's in a better mood if he does. I haven't found a good way to get him to nap which is especially frustrating since he used to be such a good napper. Good luck and I hope other moms will share helpful suggestions! You're not alone. :)
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