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IVF FET Success - 6 weeks with subchorionic hemmorrhaging today

Hello All! I'm new here... Joined the day I got my BFP after an IVF FET cycle, but have been cautious to contribute after nearly 8 years of TTC with dozens of failed fertility treatment cycles. I'm 32 yo and officially 6 weeks, 0 days pregnant today! Hallelujah! Today, I got excited. This coming Monday would be my first ultrasound and the hubby and I would finally get to hear that sweet baby heartbeat sound! But today...the cramps started. It felt like my period. That all too familiar pain. My heart sank and I ran to the bathroom. Blood. I came out shaking, the tears flowing. I was at work, so I grabbed my phone and headed outside to call my RE. The nurse was excellent at reassuring me that it may not be a miscarriage and asked me to come in right away so the doctor could see what's going on. I called the hubby who came to get me right away and off we went to the doctor, hoping for the best...
"I see two gestational sacs," the doctor said. "Both look intact... Your babies are okay. The bleeding is a subchorionic hemorrhage," she said. And before the shock of the fact that we're having twins set in, there it was - that sweet, sweet sound we'd been dreaming about...Baby B's heartbeat. Loud and clear! Baby A was a bit too far from the ultrasound wand to pick up the heartbeat very well, but it was there. Faint, but there!
The downside to today's visit is that there isn't anything that can be done and it increases my risk for miscarriage. Sorry for the lengthy background everyone...but I'm curious if any other moms or moms-to-be out there have any experience with twin pregnancies and subchorionic hemorrhages.

Best wishes to you all! And thank you for any help and support!

Re: IVF FET Success - 6 weeks with subchorionic hemmorrhaging today

  • Hello and congratulations on your twins! Several of us had SCH early on! Mine was below the babies and was small. About a week after that US, I bled like a light period all day, no cramping. Then it stopped. My next US another week later showed no SCH. It depends on the size and location as to the concern for the babies, and mostly just stresses the mom out! Take it easy and GL!

    Two years, two losses and three IUIs...

    We are having TRIPLETS!

    EDD 1/26/16

     GGB born November 2015!

  • Thank you, Kelley! Mine is between the babies, touching an outer portion of both gestational sacs, but my doctor didn't seem overly concerned. Your encouragement with your shared experience is certainly comforting. Thanks again!
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  • I am 19w5d with twins and at both 6w and 7w, I had major bleeds that turned into 2 different SCHs. Both were in good positions and weren't very likely to harm the babies but I was put on bed rest for several days and had pelvic rest and exercise for weeks. I continued to bleed and spot for about a week after each time and the blood turned from bright red to a dark brown, meaning it was old and finally coming out.
    Try not to worry too much and make sure to take it easy. Also, drink lots and lots of water. I had cramping early on and we figured out I needed to drink more than I was. Good luck with everything!
  • Thank you for sharing your experience, MrsB! It certainly helps give me some perspective and reassurance. Congrats on your twins and best of luck to you as well!
  • I had a small one bleed from behind baby b at 8 weeks. I only had bleeding that one day. On my 12 week ultrasound the SCH was supposedly gone and the babies looking fine. One was doing flips and other was kicking the first one in the head.
  • Ps congrats and fingers crossed for you.
  • I'm currently 2.5 weeks into bed rest for a hematoma. I'm 18w5d and but had a HUGE bleed 2.5 weeks ago where I poured blood. When I got to the hospital I couldn't believe that may baby would be ok as I was passing large clots as well. Turns out baby was as happy as can be! But my bleed was behind the placenta and had caused a small section to come away- hence the huge bleed. I was put on strict bed rest because of the position in relation to the placenta. I stopped bleeding after a week and then after. 5 days I started again, I had formed another bleed also behind placenta.

    Yesterday I went to another scan as I'm still bleeding although now a very dark blood but still fairly heavy. The bleed has now moved away from placenta and is just to the side of the cervix and starting to clot. My baby is measuring 1 week larger and has so far been unaffected and we are hoping that this continues.

    All that to say it's not been easy and it's terrifying because blood and pregnancy should not go hand in hand. The best advice I have been given rest and relax and don't panic!

    I have been on total bed rest and my docs have got me on 150ml of progesterone a day.

    I hope it turns out to be a little one! I hope it clears up soon. There is some good and scary info out there but my docs keep telling me that they don't mean you can't have a healthy baby!

    It sucks and I hate that after all the heart ache of getting this far it's still a struggle but those babies are worth it!!!
    All the best
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