Pregnant after a Loss

4 losses, pregnant again... NERVOUS!

I found out on Monday (8/10/15) that I am pregnant again. I have had 4 losses in the last year, 3 early MC's and my last in May was a D&C at almost 10 weeks.

We have an almost 4 year old, first pregnancy, no big complications, easy-ish labor, etc.
I want another baby, we tried for over a year before I got pregnant again and had my first MC, since then I just can't seem to keep babies in my uterus :( I just don't know how to shake the eerie feeling something will go wrong, it scares the crap out of me.

Any advice from those who have gone through MMC and can see the light at the end of the tunnel now? After a heartbeat last time, I got excited and it ended horribly, it's just so hard not to expect the same outcome :(

My OB is running a full hormone panel and I am on 100mg progesterone daily. We will change its dosage if needed.

Re: 4 losses, pregnant again... NERVOUS!

  • First I am sorry for your losses. Is this your first time on progesterone? I also had 4 mc and one healthy pregnancy. I am now on my 6th pregnancy and this one seems to be progressing nicely. The only thing that is different this time around is the progesterone. I have been on 100mg orally since a few days after I ovulated. I know it's hard to do but try and stay positive. I am hoping this is your rainbow baby. ;)
  • Sorry for all of your losses!! I've experienced losses myself, my first was a pre-term labor at 23wks and a MMC that happened totally fast on 1/03/15 and I found out 4/08/15 that I was 6wks pregnant and I must admit that I was more nervous than excited. Now, here I am on my third pregnancy and I'm 24wks pregnant with my little boy and little girl and I'm thrilled. I'm thinking positive and I have faith that everything's going to be just fine especially now that I'm being closely monitored. Keep your head up hunz and stay positive.
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  • I was on progesterone with my last as well. Just taking it one day at a time. Hoping and praying for better results this time around.
  • It's really hard. Mine was a MMC, too and it totally ruins ultrasounds for you. My advice is to be honest with your doctor. If you're worried, then don't be ashamed to call and talk to the nurse. I was so worried once that they let me come in when the doctor wasn't there for a quick ultrasound. Aside from that, find people who you can talk to, keep your mind busy and try to plan for success (not failure). I woke up one day and realized that, because of my loss and despite being pregnant again, I had not been planning to have a baby. Did you do any testing? In my case our loss was due to a chromosomal abnormality. If you didn't do testing, then please don't assume that it's you/your uterus!
  • @PlainJane8350

    My D&C went to pathology and there was absolutely nothing genetically wrong. Strong heartbeat at 6.5 weeks and then lost it somewhere during week 7 or 8.

    It is so hard to be positive but I am trying.
  • That is hard, I'm so sorry. The same thing happened to us, no heartbeat at 9 weeks with the baby measuring 7. Shocking.

    If your doctor is testing you, too, then they should find something if something's there. Since you already have a child I would assume that everything will check out with you, but if your OB is only checking your hormone levels, then you could always ask her to check for clotting disorders or vitamin deficiencies like MTHFR (I found out that I have that after my loss), too. If you're really concerned, and I was, too, you could always see a fertility specialist just to get answers. Your insurance will definitely cover it at this point and they'll check both you and your husband thoroughly. We did it and we felt like we were in great hands.
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