Pregnant after a Loss

Positive pregnancy test 1 month after miscarriage

i miscarried naturally 5 weeks ago. I was 9w5d but the baby had stopped growing somewhere around 6 weeks.

All week I've been feeling some lower back pain and extreme fatigue. So I took a pregnancy test and there is a faint line. My head is spinning not knowing if this is leftover from the miscarriage or the start of another pregnancy. Anyone else experience this?

Re: Positive pregnancy test 1 month after miscarriage

  • I got pregnant immediately after my mc, but I took hpt following my loss to make sure they dropped off, so I knew it was a new pregnancy. Could go either way. You could take a test again in 2-3 days and see if the line is getting darker or lighter.
  • KleineKohlKleineKohl member
    edited August 2015
    I had positive pregnancy tests for 3 months after my natural miscarriage. My OB was tracking my hcg down to zero as well. It turned out I had retained tissue and needed a D&C 12 weeks out. Call your OB and ask for betas.
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