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I have been on a few of the other boards for awhile. I had a loss in August 14, another in April 15. I got my BFP this morning and feel more cautious than anything. I also have a pregnancy question. Is it normal to feel mildly crampy during pg? I have in the previous ones but what i have to compare to both ended in losses. Tia

Just had my first U/s at 6 wks 4 days. After almost having a panic attack this morning ,we got to hear our sweet baby's HB. 150 and measuring 6 +5. Everything looked great, she said no red flags and cervix was closed. I know I'm not close to being out of the woods yet, but that was some much needed relief! And hearing the heartbeat for the first time was amazing.

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  • Congrats! I'm in the same boat as you: 2 losses and a BFP two days ago. Yes, cramps are normal for me. With my pregnancy of my DD I only had minor cramping and sore boobs. Those were my only symptoms for the entire healthy pregnancy. With both my losses I felt nauseous, tired, headaches, etc. So now I kind of associate symptoms (for me personally) with losses. Even though my BFP is so new- this time around I feel completely normal like with my daughter. So that's what I'm clinging to in hopes that the third time is a charm for me! And I'm hoping the same for you! Cheers to April 2016 babes!
  • Congrats on your BFP! I was really crampy with this pregnancy, but it was immediately following a d&c, but I was also slightly crampy with DD. Cramping is normal and a sign of growth most the time. Sometimes drinking more water will help with the cramping. I hope this is your sticky baby!
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  • Thanks @Plleriti1 ! I had my first visit today to check beta. I'll go back friday. Hoping i can breathe a little easier after that and make it to my first u/s. I am back on the crazy train! When do you go in? Will they check your betas? Hope we can be april 16 buddies! <3

    @rachrobertson thanks for the reassurance and the well wishes. Hope i can stay on this side!
  • @ALC08
    How'd your betas come back?!?! I'm hoping just perfect! I don't go in until mid September! I'm gonna drive myself crazy in the mean time.
  • They nearly tripled in just under 48 hrs. Now i am trying not to worry about them jumping so much. Ugh!!!! She said they looked really good. She wants me to go back and check again monday though. Stressful!! If they are still good she wants to do us by the end of the month. I don't know how you're gonna make it so long!! Here's to hoping the next few weeks fly by!! Keep me updated.
  • @ALC08 that's so fantastic! Stay positive. I'm so excited for you (and envious!) Keep me posted!
  • I was crampy! Congratulations on your numbers. That's awesome, great news! Try not to worry (I know it's impossible). Definitely don't Google!
  • Congrats on the beta increase
  • So I am freaking myself out today. I am feeling less pregnant than I have been. I went in for my third draw this morning and won't know results until sometime tomorrow. Anyone else experienced this? Help! :((
  • Your last results looked great right?! I'm going with that... Maybe your body is just adjusting nicely to carrying this little baby! My fingers are crossed for you! Maybe they can rush you today's results?
  • I probably would've had to request it when i was in. I broke down on the nurse and she tried to reassure me. She said she was so impressed with my numbers. I'm just scared it will look good until it doesn't anymore. This really sucks.
  • Isn't it sad that all we're thinking while pregnant is "this just sucks"?! But it's so true!
  • I had several days where my symptoms seemed to just disappear. And I freaked out. But they all eventually came back and everything has been good so far (I am almost 14 weeks now). Just remind yourself that today you are pregnant - and told you have another day with your LO. :x :x
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  • Thank you @borgahurst that's encouraging!
    I wish I could be a happy pregnant lady and not have a constant worry whether or not it will turn out well. Hoping for good news tomorrow.
  • How'd your results look from yesterday? @ALC08
  • Hcg went from 1800 to 5200 in 3 days. Progesterone dropped from 34 to 24. She said it was not anything to be concerned about and she didn't think i needed to gave anymore draws, but if i wanted to i could come in tomorrow.
  • Well that increase sounds great to me! Fingers crossed for the best. Keep us posted!
  • I don't know what's good for progesterone, but since it dropped could they put you on suppisitories for the remainder of the first trimester?
  • I agree with @plainjane8350, maybe you could ask for a supplement just to enure your progesterone levels say high?  I have been on 100mg orally since I ovulated and it seems to have done the trick this time around. 
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