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Twin baby carriers

I'm really jealous friends and family can walk around with their singletons strapped go their chest. Has anyone found a great carrier for both babies that is reasonable, doable and comfortable?

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  • How old are your babies? There is the TwinGo which people seems to like. However, you shouldn't really wear a baby on your back until they are sitting independently. If they are little you can try a long woven wrap and put them both in front in a "tandem front wrap cross carry". Babywearing 102 and Everyday Babywearing on Facebook are really good groups to find out more about babywearing
  • Thank you! My twins are still in utero. I was doing our registry and saw all of the cute singleton carriers but wasn't sure about double ones.
    I will check those Facebook sites.
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  • Thanks for posting because I was curious about this too. I remember being able to wear my son while I cooked and cleaned but I doubt I can do this with 2!
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    Moby has instructions for wrapping twins as well. Since the fabric is stretchy it won't work for as long as with a singleton or a carrier that's more sturdy, but something to consider! I got one from a friend so I'll probably give it a try.
  • I baby wore my son until I was about 18 weeks pregnant (he just turned 2). I just bought 2 Beco Butterfly IIs for my husband and I to wear our twins when they are little. When they are about 4 months it should be easier to get them onto our backs for tandem wearing.
  • Thank you ladies!
    My cousin suggested using the Moby, it just looks scary to use what looks like a scarf to hold up 2 babies!
  • Yes! I wore my son all the time when he was little and it was such a lifesaver! Now I'm having twins, and I'm also worried about how I'm going to manage to wear them when my twins arrive. I think I've settled on the baby k'tan for when they are newborns (you can put one on each side) and then the twingaroo for when they can hold up their heads on their own (it's like an ergo with front & back pouches). I'm also getting a ring sling (lusting after the Sakura bloom) so I can put one in the sling and the other in the stroller with my toddler while we run errands.

    You can also do two ring slings for twins or a woven wrap tandem carry, but I didn't have great luck with wraps the first time around so I'm holding off on that for now.
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  • I was really sad to not be able to babywear more when they were younger. I used a k'tan to carry one at a time (my husband had one, too). When they were sitting independently I started using a twingo which is awesome.
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