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Pinch me

Faint BFP first response this morning two days before expected AF! Feeling great (slightly crampy). When did you actually believe it's true? (And stop worrying so much)

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  • Congrats, that is exciting! I didn't believe it until I got the second blood test from the doctor. I am 26 weeks now and still worry though (after 3 previous losses). Best wishes!
  • @sswartout Congrats to you. 26 weeks was a super fun time during my pregnancy with my daughter. I'm thinking my doc won't want to see me for another 5-6 weeks so until then I just need to relax. (Or bulk order hpt's!)
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  • I had myself convinced it was leftover hcg from my mc, a blighted ovum, or an ectopic pregnancy until my first appointment. Now, at 12 weeks, I just always assume I will go in and they can't find a hb. I hope it gets better with time. Congratulations on your BFP!!
  • Thanks @rachrobertson With my BO and my MC I think my first prenatal apts were too early. I'm gonna try and hold out until 8ish weeks to be seen. With my last mc we had even seen and heard the heartbeat at 6.5 weeks do now I'm skeptical of even that being "safe territory". Congrats to you! 12 weeks hopefully brings a bit of ease to your mind.
  • When people say seeing a heartbeat is a good sign, that doesn't bring me comfort for the future either. We had a healthy 9 week ultrasound and baby stopped growing 6 days later with no signs, didn't find out until our next appointment 4 weeks later. Good for you being able to hold out, I work myself into a panic before every appointment but was especially anxious before that first appointment. Hope this is your sticky baby!
  • Ok, I made it two days and now I'm making myself crazy with nerves! I switched from FRER to Clearblue digital with weeks estimator... And that says 1-2 weeks (taken day after missed period). Please tell me that's a normal result?! And how do I calm these nerves? The dr doesn't want to see me until 7-9 weeks along.
  • @Plleriti1 I just read on another post, the hpts detect fetal age so add two weeks. If you figure out how to calm the anxiety please let me know. I just got results from my first blood draw yest and she said i'm 3-4 wks and numbers are really good. Best reading I've ever had. I go back tomorrow and she's going to rush the results so i know before the weekend. It sucks not to be able to just be thrilled!! If my numbers are good I probably won't go in again for at least a couple weeks and I don't know how I'm going to make it. I tested 1 day early on wed so we are nearly neck and neck. Maybe we can help eachother. Do you have an appt scheduled yet?
  • @ALC08 Congrats to you! I've been a POAS aholic lately. I tested on Monday not expecting a thing and BAM, there was the second line! I was blown away and so happy! I vowed to be calm this time around and I'm failing miserably! I emailed my doc and she doesn't want to see me until I'm 7-9 weeks! Even given my past to losses! So I haven't even bothered to schedule anything yet. The dr said to "just listen to your body" but honestly, with both of my losses I felt totally pregnant and was taken so off guard when the news was delivered. So I don't think that's the most reliable help she could have given me!
    I'm glad your doc got you in to run your levels... Hopefully that will bring you a little peace of mind watching them rise!
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