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Free Places to host a baby shower!!!!

I am looking at having my baby shower in October/November. I really can not have it at my house since I live out in the middle of no where. I am needing ideas on places that are free to have a baby shower at in the Fort Worth area.
Any ideas would be great!!!

Re: Free Places to host a baby shower!!!!

  • My SIL had hers at a La Madeleine in Dallas. They might all have different policies, so just call around to the closest ones and see if they have the space. It was very casual and people just bought their own food if they wanted it (we had cupcakes).
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  • ^^ i had mine at La Madeliene in Irving. I think we had to buy $50 worth of food/drink to have the room though. Do you have friends or family with a house that could host? The only Free places are at houses or outside at a public park. You can reserve a Pavillion maybe and the weather is still pretty good in early Oct.
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  • Your friends/family should be worrying about that. You're the guest of honor!
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