It's 10:30 am, I'm 23 wks and exhausted already! — The Bump

It's 10:30 am, I'm 23 wks and exhausted already!

I am feeling so exhausted and discouraged right now. I just need to vent. I barely did anything this morning. Got up, got dressed, got my toddler up and dressed, ate a healthy high protein breakfast (made by my husband), and dropped my toddler off at daycare. This took two whole hours and wiped me out. Now I'm eating a sandwich and drinking coffee hoping to get some energy to go for a swim.
I cannot live the next 15 weeks (hopefully) like this! Is it going to get worse? Any suggestions for increased energy? I hate feeling like a lazy lump. I am normally so active!

Re: It's 10:30 am, I'm 23 wks and exhausted already!

  • I'm almost 30w now and my energy levels have gone up and down the entire time, unfortunately. Can't say for sure what will happen to you, but it probably won't be easy since you already have a LO at home (I'm a FTM). But who knows - you could end up being totally different than me!
  • I'm still in my first trimester so I'm not sure if the whole exhaustion thing is going to get better but I am not working this week and I got up at 9:30, collapsed again at 10, got up at 10:30, am ready to collapse again. I need to be packing to move, but I am just in rough shape. Ugh. I hope it gets better, because I was used to being really active too.
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  • My energy also fluctuates. I'll be 29 weeks tomorrow. Sleep is really evading me lately & I had a melt down at 3AM last night because I just couldn't sleep. I was up at 1AM & never went back to sleep. Unfortunately, I think it may just get worse as I get even bigger. Hang in there ladies---it will be so worth it!
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  • @tokyohouston yeah my first trimester was rough. I was doing 24 hr call and 8-9 hr clinic days. I have no idea how I did it! I had about 4 weeks of feeling awesome (14-18) and now I'm just exhausted.
    @blsav23 I have been lucky with sleep this week, but I know the feeling of not being able to get comfortable. Last night I was trying to toss and turn, but my ab muscles hurt so much I couldn't. I'm looking forward to my first postpartum nap and then the rest is downhill ;)
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