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Girl hair

It has been awhile since this has been discussed- before C never had enough hair but now C has too much hair so something has to be done with it everyday now! We have been doing a single ponytail but hoping for some other ideas!
Any fun and easy styles?
Tips for keeping your LOs still during the process?!?

Re: Girl hair

  • My LO has a lot of hair on top. I end up doing a ponytail on top of her head that kind of looks like a palm tree. She has always been good about sitting still. Sometimes I have to give her a toy for distraction.
  • My A14 baby is a boy, but I have an older daughter. She didn't have a lot of hair, so I wasn't doing up-dos at a young age or anything ;) but once her hair started to grow I used a little barrette a bit to the side of her forehead as a very easy and pretty cute style. It was great for when she had more hair, but not enough to really do anything.

    When she got a little more hair we did little pig tails at the sides of her head, kind of high up. Also cute and lasted for a while. Lately I've been doing lower pigtails so that they fit under sun hats.
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  • The barrette is also super easy for a squirmy kid.
  • Does either of your girls try to mess with the barrette? I tried putting one in my LOs hair and she just pulls it right out.
  • Hmmm. It's been a while, so I don't totally remember. I had some really small clips that she seemed to leave alone. She also had very fine hair and so I was always looking at barrettes that were "soft" - ie, not metal and tearing at her hair.
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    Ever since LO's hair got long on top, I've been putting it in a ponytail to the side. This is how she looks 80% of the time (smiley face and all). The other 20% is either without a little bow/clip or it all down, crazy, curly, in her eyes because we are going to bed, eating breakfast, or she just got out to the bath. :) She does not try and pull these clips out.
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  • Mine also has a lot of hair on top!

    I've just started the side ponytail and has been working great! I drove myself nuts with the regular ponytail since she was so squirmy I couldn't get it perfectly centered lol!

    A regular clip doesn't seem to work; her hair always slips out :-(

    I'll need to find some cute little clips to dress up the side pony.
  • You can get shelf liner and glue it to the inside of clips to make them no- slip.
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