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I am due in April, and will be delivering at Baylor Dallas. I really want to have a natural birth. Have any of you had good (or bad) natural birth experiences at Baylor Dallas? Please share your stories and advice. TIA!

Re: Baylor Dallas and Natural Birth

  • Hey! Both of my little ones were born and Baylor Dallas and this one will be number three. The first time wasn't the best, mainly because my OB never made it and the nurses didn't seem to want to deal with my natural labor. My second labor was with a midwife here at Baylor, they actually sought out a nurse who preferred natural labor and it was a great experience. Both the midwife and nurse were by my side the entire time. I'm not making any promises I will do all natural agin with #3 but if I do I know it'll be another great experience since my OB knows what I expect.
    Good luck!
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  • Thanks for your response! I don't go in for my first appt until 9/3, so I will get a better feel for how my OB feels about natural birth then!
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  • I had an unmedicated birth at Baylor and my doctor was supportive. I ended up having low fluid at 40 weeks, but was already effaced at 3 cm with irregular contractions, so I got half a Cervadil pill and my son was born four hours later. No epi, no Pitocin, and intermittent fetal monitoring. I used the birth balls in the delivery room. The nurses were amazing- one was training to be a midwife and was a great coach during the last 45 minutes of labor!
  • Hello! I am looking for a female OBGYN rec at Baylor... any suggestions?
  • I hope you had a great experience at Baylor Dallas. I think it's a good choice for natural childbirth.
  • Have you checked out Yolanda Lawsom of Madewell ObGyn?
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