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Hypothyroidism & Nursing

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So I've been diagnosed with hypothyroidism which is ironic, since my TSH levels are 32, which means I have enough in my bloodstream to be "hyper-" but since the gland isn't responding I'm hypo.  3 generations now for my family...boo!  Thankfully, it should help me with the bad symptoms I've been having, but I'm curious about milk production.  Mine dropped badly, below the previous levels, at the 6mo mark which is when tings escalated. 

For those moms with it taking synthroid, how long before you noticed improvement overall and more specifically, in milk production?

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Re: Hypothyroidism & Nursing

  • I have been taking synthroid for years. I had low supply when I went back to work in March. I have been taking mothers milk supplement, recomended by my lactation consultant, it really seemed to help me. I hope you feel better soon!
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