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Period cramps at 28 weeks...worried!!

I've been having period like cramps all afternoon & this normal or is this something I should be going to the hospital for? Or maybe just calling my doctor tomorrow? FTM and I'm getting nervous! Thanks :)

Re: Period cramps at 28 weeks...worried!!

  • If they are periodic, getting worse, and closer together? If so, they could be contractions and you should defintiely go in. But, if it's just slight and they aren't getting worse, it's common to cramp, especially after sex.
  • Call your doctor, it could be nothing, a UTI or preterm labor. I had this happen and it was a UTI.
  • Give them a call. Real contractions tend to go from back to front and you'll feel them down your thighs, and get longer, stronger, closer together, but if you feel like it's something it never hurts to call.
  • I started getting these cramps again recently at 31 weeks here and there. Pretty sure it's just ligament pain but if they get stronger or you start bleeding I'd call my doctor. In my experience contractions are noticeably different than period cramps and start from back and move around front of belly. Plus they stop and start again
  • My doctor told me that as long as it isn't reoccurring and in my back it's more than likely dehydration. Drink plenty of water and if it doesn't help or subside I'd go to the hospital
  • My doctor said period-like cramps aren't unexpected in the third tri. If you get them, drink some water, lie down, take Tylenol, etc - basically rule out anything else, and if they don't go away then call.
  • Yea I think it's fine. Definitely a lot of u comfortablness in lower tummy region but I think that is expected. FTM but I'm not gonna freak out unless it's unbearable pain or regular 5minutw apart or less contractions. I was told u nurses you will just wait forever at ER and then eventually be sent home.
  • my midwife said a lot of women around 30 weeks start experiencing period like cramping pain in the lower lower part of their uterus, is that where yours is?  I forget what she called it, but it's basically some part right there that's expanding and is now under more pressure from little one.  

    Either way, talk to your caregiver about it. 
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