Pregnant after a Loss

Repeat HSG?

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Hi girls!
Last year I got pregnant "out of the blue," (we had been trying for over a year and it finally happened) then lost it very early. After a few months we decided to do an HSG to check for blockages. I got pregnant again right after, then lost it quickly again. I got pregnant again 4-5 months later, and lost that one early too.

It's now been 8 months since my last pregnancy and I'm so frustrated. I'm waiting for my dr to call me back, but in the meantime I wanted to see if any of you had an HSG done more than once? It seemed to work for me that one time (unless it was a fluke), so I'm curious to see if it works for me again. I didn't have any blockages at that time, but it still cleaned things out I guess. Anyway...just wanted to see if anyone knows anything about having it done twice. Thank you!
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