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Cervix behind babies head..anyone else

I am 39 weeks today, went in for a check started to have irregular contractions last night no pattern but enough to be uncomfortable and somewhat painful. Doctor said that my cervix is behind babies head (for those of you confused) imagine a turtle neck and where you put your head through well babies head is behind the turtle neck whole. Doctor said it would move on its own and get into place when labor starts and I contract. I am 75% effaced and soft and only dialated to 1.5 :-/ my contractions are becoming more painful but not more consistent. I was just wondering if there is any other moms out there that have had a similar experience? They might induce me friday if no progress. BTW this is my 2nd baby

Re: Cervix behind babies head..anyone else

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    I was told the last dr appt that my cervix is behind the babies head as well I was 37 weeks. She basically told me the same thing that everything would moved into place too. This is baby number 4 for me.
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    I've had the same sort of "unfavourable" cervix for 3 weeks now, here's hoping tomorrow at my doctor's appointment i get some good news of improvement.
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    Im 39wks6d and finally asked to be checked yesterday out of curiosity and my cervix was behind LOs head. The doctor didnt even say anything to me about this being an unfavorable cervix, so im guessing she is assuming it can all just come into place when labor actually starts to progress as well. We did however make plans for an induction for next Thursday if I dont have her by then. Im a little nervous now though as my mom, aunt, and grandmother all had to have csections. My pregnancy has been the complete opposite of all of their though so I was just going about this thinking no way ill have a csection. I hope a STM can give some insight who had this who still had a vaginal birth!!!
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    Okay upon some further research after freaking out a little, your cervix can stay posterior like this even through labor until further more freaking out for me until things happen! Just going to keep my fingers crossed for vaginal delivery still!
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    Yes @SashaDenn25. The description is almost exactly the same as my birth books as a normal pre progression of labor. This is exactly how they describe effacement, as a turtle neck that stretches flat against the baby's head before the head pushes through. Nothing alarming at this stage of pregnancy at all if the "turtleneck" isn't flat and the baby isn't engaged. Some people just aren't effaced at the end of pregnancy and some are. Good luck!
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