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Anyone with a frank breech baby around 38 weeks? What do the movements feel like?

Anyone have a frank breech baby at 38 weeks or so? If so what does your babies movements feel like? I feel movement often but no big huge rolls like you see girls posting on You tube and stuff. I see movement where her head is and I feel the occasional kicks where I know her feet are.

Is it normal to feel lots of movement but not have those big crazy rolling moves ? I am scheduled to have her via c section next week and I'm starting to freak out about EVERYTHING! !!!

Re: Anyone with a frank breech baby around 38 weeks? What do the movements feel like?

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    Same here. I definitely feel him moving or kicking his feet out my side, but nothing so drastic that I could record it, like you see on social media. My baby is super shy's like he senses when people are around that want to feel him move and he won't budge. Lol. I am 39 weeks now and my c section is in 4 days. Good luck to you!
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    Good luck to you as well. Did you try ECV? What did your doc say the chance of them turning on their own after 38 weeks? Mine said less than ten percent chance lol. Guess we get to meet our babies a Lil early :)
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    My LO is frank breech and her movements can be small or big rolling bulges, just depends on how active she's being. I was also told I have more amniotic fluid than usual which allows her to move more and caused her to flip breech at 36 weeks. C-section scheduled for August 19. So ready to be done!!!
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    My little guy is transverse and I have an anterior placenta (in the front). The movements are kind of random and spaced out. I mostly feel flutters low in my pelvis. My little guy seems shy too! Always stops when I try to show my hubby.
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