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Any April moms had Betas checked yet?

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Hi April moms!
Just wondering which ones of you have had a beta HCG level checked yet? I had my first one 2 days ago, 12 days after a 2-day embryo transfer (equivalent of 14 dpo) and it was 80. Today I had a repeat one and it was 160 at the equivalent of 16 dpo. This adds up to a doubling rate of 48 hours.

I have read a lot oN this topic, including scientific articles, and keep finding that my doubling rate is within normal. Apparently the normal doubling rates are between 31 and 72 hours. However, I can't help but feeling a little anxious by looking at other boards and finding that so many women had doubling rates between 25 and 38 hours at this stage...

So my rational side wants to be reassured that I am within normal, but the on the other hand my emotional side keeps me worried. I was wondering whether you have your beta HCGs from this pregnancy for comparison, or your hCG progression from previous pregnancies?

By the way, what is it about being pregnant that makes us worried all the time? Every little step along the way, I feel happy to have surpassed another hurdle, only to start worrying about the next hurdle ahead to overcome... Crazy!!! This is my first pregnancy so everything is very new to me!

Re: Any April moms had Betas checked yet?

  • I went on Monday when I was 4w2d and all my doctor told me was it was above 500 which is in the normal range. I went back today (4w6d) and haven't gotten my levels back. I have never been more nervous before in my life hoping that everything is correct.

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  • That's a great level, 500!!! Why can't we just relax? :)
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    I don't think it's possible to ever relax, even if you have amazing betas! Every pregnanxy is different and comparing yourself to others will just increase your anxiety (same is true once LO arrives, lol). Your betas are doubling within normal range, so that is a good sign. :)
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  • It's so hard to turn my brain off from this topic... I'd say nearly impossible. Super anxious for Tuesday when I get to test again...
  • I went Thursday at 15 dpo and mine was 388 with progesterone at 28.5. I was relieved because i had a chemical in May and at 14 dpo it was 49 and then gone the next day! I go back on Wednesday for another beta. Still a little nervous! You are not alone!
  • At 11dpo I was at 41 and at 13dpo I was at 105. My progesterone was never checked which makes me nervous since I had a MC last month but I just need to stay positive.
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    These are great numbers girls!
    I am that paranoid person who continues to POAS until my next test on Tuesday just to reassure myself that line is not getting lighter. :)
    This pregnancy is messing with my brain for sure. I think I will go to Sephora today to clear my mind. LOL. :)
  • If they are doubling I would not worry about it! I had a mc last month and before I started bleeding we knew it was not a viable pregnancy because my levels were not even close to doubling. Good luck :)

  • Thanks for the feedback Sally. Did it fail to double right from the begginging, or did it double at first then slowed down?
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