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Am I being paranoid? Baby movement...

I can't decide if I am being paranoid...

I am continuing to feel my baby move but the movements have changed.  She isn't jabbing/pushing at me as hard as she's more like a rolling feeling than anything else.  The movements feel soft and not sudden like they used to.  I've started doing kick counts this week, and she normally does 10 movements under an hour.  I still feel a little worried, however, since the type of movements have changed.  Should I be worried or should I just calm myself down? I have an appointment with the doctor this coming Wednesday, so I'm definitely asking then if not sooner.

Re: Am I being paranoid? Baby movement...

  • The baby is larger so you're going to feel more rolls that jabbing
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    My doctor said if I'm still feeling regular movement (and it sounds like you are), you're fine. Baby is running out of room, so that's why the movements feel different.
  • Any movement counts! I get your fears because I'm the same way. But my doctor assured me last time I was in so this is what I tell myself. Occasionally I'll get big kicks again but mostly smaller rolling movements like you mentioned. Baby is doing great though! I would still ask your doctor but I hope this helps tide you over till then. :)
  • I think it's just because they're running out of room, I really only feel rolling type movements now too
  • My dr says that this is normal because the baby is bigger and there's less room for kicking so most of what we feel from here on out is rolling. She said as long as I can still get 10 movements an hour everything should be ok even if it's counting rolls rather than kicks.
  • Mine seems to roll and somersault instead of kicking. She moves differently than my boys did.
  • Thanks ya'll...I feel better knowing that other people are experiencing the same movements as me.  My hormones seem to be getting the best of me this week.  I started tearing up on the interstate about this...

  • I was worried too and asked my doctor, my doctor said what the PPs here said. I still do kick counts though, it's hard not to worry!
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  • Ditto on the size of baby impacting the type of movement you feel. My midwife warned me that it is common to have this concern, so to keep in mind that any movement - rolling, turning, hiccups - counts during the "kick count". You are such a good and well connected mama to notice the change!! :)
  • Same thing with me! 34 weeks and movements have changed from kicks to a rolling, squirming feeling. Baby's running out of room which means the countdown is on! :)
  • Yes to all of this and also- as baby settles into the most comfortable position, his/her legs may be curled up and crossed. My baby has recently switched from sticking his knees and feet straight out by my belly button, to grinding his little bony butt against my ribs hahah
    It's so cute. Plus I love love love the baby hiccups!
  • Yep I've noticed a change from jabs to rolling movements too, as the baby gets bigger! Sounds normal to me!
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