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Bad rash!

I looked threw all the other posts on rashes and didn't see anything that resembles mine...

About a week ago I started getting a rash on my lower legs. They were small little dots. I called my OB doc and she prescribed a high dose of cortisone cream. The rash still grew and now is cluster like on both legs. Its spreading up my legs and onto my stomach and chest. Went to a prompt care today and they don't know what it is. I am only 11 weeks along so what are the chances it could be PUPPP? They want me to see a dermatologist soon to try and figure this out. Has anyone else experienced this? Extremely itchy.

Re: Bad rash!

  • Yes I have. Sounds exactly like Pupp. It's was on my upper thighs arms and stomach. it was red dry patches that itched like hell. Midwife prescribed cortisone as well. Helped a little. But really didn't resolve for me until 3 months after I had baby
  • I haven't, but I'm so sorry. Sounds miserable. 

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  • Yes! Totally had through my entire first pregnancy. Mine was mostly on my feet abd arms. I also was prescribed cortison cream.It's crap! I used essential oils. They're wonderful because you can put it in as many times as you want, without it hurting baby! Abd the best part it worked! I used a lavender, melaluca, and peppermint mix.
  • Sounds like PUPPS, especially if it's super itchy. I'm so sorry! It sounds miserable. :(
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