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Hi all, I scheduled a dentist appt. the same day my husband had originally scheduled his, I told the receptionist to book me as well, since I needed my cavities filled. The last time I was there the doctor refused to do the work because I was pregnant (9W). The receptionist said OK and that was a couple of week ago. I got a phone call from the dentist to confirm the appt today. She only mentioned my husbands appt. so I asked her about mine. She said that they had cancelled it because of my pregnancy...without asking me. I had to tell her over the phone that I "unfortunately, I was no longer pregnant" and needed the work done. She said basically that they didn't have any more time-slots for me....I wish people didn't automatically assume....and that she would have asked me when I made the appt. about my status AND that I didn't have to explain it to random people...vent over.....

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  • Vent all you want it stinks being in this situation and trying to explain it to random people can't be easy. Sorry for your loss. (Hugs )
  • Ugh I'm sorry. I totally get it. I'm in a similar boat as you. At my last regular cleaning in June they found a small cavity but we held off on doing anything because I was pregnant. I also haven't had X-rays in over a year because I've been either ttc or pregnant. I've been dreading calling to schedule the work for weeks now - simply because I don't want to have to explain.
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  • I hear ya.  I hate the explaining.  I've been to the dentist twice now since my MC.  The first time I had to explain that I had, had a MC and would like my dental work done that I had put off when I was pregnant.   They wrote down in my file about the MC etc.  And then when I came back a month later for a regular cleaning, the tech did not even read the damn notes from a month ago,  Instead she was like so you were in your first trimester at your last cleaning.  How far along are you now?  I'm like seriously?!?!?!?! Had to explain to them a second time.  Except I was like it's in the notes. Only then did she look at the notes.  She was a different person than the person that put the note on there.  But still. 
    So don't be surprised if you get the same type of thing happening.  Apparently doctor offices don't read their own damn notes. 

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