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Growth ultrasound - in shock

I'm 36w1d and they estimated my baby girl's current weight at 8lbs4oz. We have already hired a doula and are planning a natural, med-free VBAC but this "news" has me shaken. DS was 10lbs12oz at 39w4d and wound up being a c section after 24 hours of labor.

Just feeling really overwhelmed and looking for some positive energy. Anyone have any big baby vbac success stories?

Re: Growth ultrasound - in shock

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  • I think there is a VBAC board actually that might have lots of positive stories. I'm a FTM but I was a VBAC birth and so was my baby sister back in the days when it was very rare.

    I'm thinking of you and praying you get the birth you were hoping for!

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  • so, no VBAC story here, but I wanted to say that my last DD was measured around 8 lbs on the growth scans and only weight 6lbs and 3 oz. at birth.  Also that my DS was 9lbs and was a med-free vaginal birth.
     I guess the only thing I can offer comfort-wise is that they are not always right.  I hope you get your med-free vbac.  Best wishes
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  • My son Was 8.3 fully med free and no tearing... You got this mama!!!!
    do some self guided pushing don't doctored or nurses count to 10 and make you push. Stop pushing if you feel the " ring of fire" for a few seconds and do what your body says.
  • Thanks, everyone! I know these things are notoriously off but given DS's birth weight I'm inclined to at least take it seriously. We meet with our doula Sunday and the OB next week so hopefully a few nights sleep and some perspective will boost my confidence.
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