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3 miscarriages... what to do next?

HI all.  I have had 3 miscarriages, the 3rd was at 13wks.  I am looking for information because my husband and I are thinking of trying again but I am scared.  I went to my OB today for my yearly checkup and asked him a few questions.  I was shocked and confused by his answers.  After my 3 rd miscarriage he said we would need to do testing on both of us before trying again.  A little over a year has gone by ( not TTC in that time) and when I asked he today he said no testing needed?  Also said wasn't really anything we could do until I was pregnant.   I'm curious as to what your doctors did or advised for you after multiple losses?

Re: 3 miscarriages... what to do next?

  • I'm sorry to hear about your losses. I had 3 1st trimester losses as well. My doctor tested me for clotting disorders, thyroid issues, uterine issues, diabetes, vitamin D levels, etc. My husband and I also had a karyotype (chromosome test). My husband has a chromosome translocation, which they think could have contributed to our losses. The recommendation since everything else was fine was to try naturally or switch to IVF with genetic testing on the embryos before implementation. While we were looking into IVF I ended up getting pregnant naturally again. I am now almost 25 weeks and so far things are looking good. I did start acupuncture after my 3rd loss and with this pregnancy I took progesterone for the 1st trimester. Let me know if you have any questions. Best wishes.
  • As the pp mentioned you should be tested for thyroid, bleeding disorders, aND hormone imbalances. If your OB will not help you pursue this route, I would talk to a reproductive endocrinologist.
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  • I would go to a fertility specialist. That's what we did after our loss and he tested my husband's sperm, my blood and a physical exam (some kind of water vaginal ultrasound) and the "products from conception" even though it was after the fact through a third party lab called Natera (it was called the Anora test). He identified the cause of our loss and diagnosed me with MTHFR, so he put me on rx folic acid right away. You can see them even after you conceive, through the first trimester, then you'll need to find an OBGYN (we chose a perinatologist over a regular OB mostly because I was so paranoid after my loss, but also due to my age (35) and the fact that I had a LEEP in '05). I'm so sorry for your losses, but I really think a fertility specialist could answer your questions and get you guys on the right track.
  • Thank you all for your responses, this is good info for me.  To all of you I wish you the best of luck!  I will be talking to others and looking into in more. 
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