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Twisting your Waist

I've had some lower back pain that I usually just twist my waist (while leaving hips still) to fix... I'm wondering if this is unsafe for the baby to be doing? Anyone asked their doctor about this? I've seen a few things online but nothing conclusive. I'm 13 weeks 5 days.

Re: Twisting your Waist

  • Ummm
    Have you asked your doctor?
    I'm thinking it's fine or we would all be rendered immobile for our pregnancies
  • Yeah I've got a call in and am waiting to hear back. I never would've thought about it but was reading something about exercises not to do and something was saying not to do deep twists like that. No idea why though, it didn't say.
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  • It might pull your muscles later on- you will know when to not do something. If it hurts stop but if it's helping your back I would keep it up. Maybe just take it slow and not too hard
  • As far as I know, the reason not to do abdominal twists is because it cuts off circulation to the abdominal area. Personally, I feel comfortable with gently twisting my lower back to relieve discomfort. Good question for your doctor or chiropractor if you visit one.
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