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This is my first baby and I'm not a big fan of pacifiers. I hate seeing ppl stuff that thing in the baby's mouth every time it gets fussy. I feel like it's just something else I will have to break my kid from wanting later on. What are your lady's thoughts about pacifiers?

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  • Pacifiers are supposed to be good for newborns and infants to help prevent the risk of SIDS. I bought all natural rubber paci's from amazon and I use the few we get from the hospital too. My daughter didn't like the pacifier after a few months so it was never a problem for me.
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  • I wish my son had taken one sometimes! He only wanted the boob! It would have been nice to have an acceptable substitute for two seconds... Haha
  • I will use them as long as baby boy takes it. With the lowered risk of SIDS with pacifier use, it makes the decision easy. You as a parent need to be stern when breaking them from it. We quit cold turkey @ 11 months with DD and it was easy.

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  • If you are breastfeeding it's best to get situated, your supply in first and avoid nipple confusion. It's best to wait at least six weeks. My son took them for a mere week or two around the two month mark and then wanted nothing to do with them. He knew that wasn't what he wanted, lol.
  • I waited 3 weeks before I gave my son one. We only used it during sleep. At daycare they would give it to him more frequently so I took it away at 13 months. We took it cold turkey and he cried for about an hour for it and never asked again. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I am up in the air about whether or not we will use one this time. I have a pack someone gave me.
  • Neither of my sons wanted them but I had wished they did. It sucks getting up in the middle of the night and making a bottle for a fussy baby when all they really want is to suck, not eat.
  • I will be using them, one because some babies use the noon for comfort and not just hunger, and the pacifier helps, and 2 it's been found to reduce SIDS when used at night, to me that will be a little sigh of relief. But everyone has to do what's right for them and baby
  • None of my two boys liked it lol I wish they did! Now I hope my baby girl will take it n if she doesn't like it not a big deal...
  • Thank you ladies for the responses. I didn't know they are supposed to help reduce the risk of SIDS. That could change my mind on using them.
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    DD1 uses one, and DD2 sucks her thumb. I really don't mind them. DD1 is kinda weaning herself off hers and only uses it for sleep and to soothe now.
    Just do whatever works for your family! :)
  • I was pretty meh on them first time around. Now I'm one of 'those parents'. DD1 just turned two and we are starting to wean. She's only ever used it for car rides and sleeping but it's still her comfort go-to. We were about 6 weeks in and all she wanted to do was suck. My poor nipples. We were both much happier once we introduced the soother. Once new baby comes I plan on 'gifting' her with DD1s soother as an incentive to quit. Now I don't they're such a big deal. I won't push one on DD2 but if she and I both need it, I'm using it.
  • I didn't want my children sucking their thumb, you can't take it away from them, so I used a pacifier. My first didn't want his after six weeks, but my second was so attached to his that I had a very hard time getting rid of it. Of course, my boys were raised by a took it away and daycare gave it back stating this baby never cries, I took it away and grandparents gave it back, I took it was never ending. I finally got rid of it after two years of trying. He is fourteen now and I still have his last pacifier.
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    As a preschool teacher some of the kids never once used them or showed interest and some went insane over them, I think it's different for each child. When weaning them off of them some kids don't have an issue, when others have an extremely hard time. But I will be using them when my sanity depends on it
  • Sucking is a really natural motion babies use to calm themselves, it's one of their first self soothing techniques. FTM here but the book Baby Meets World offered really interesting insight into baby motions like sucking. I originally thought I'd be anti pacifiers but they don't seem to be a big deal anymore to me, especially if it helps baby.
  • I was totally against them while pregnant with my first. But at about 3 weeks she was sucking to soothe so I would nurse and she would eat so much she would throw up, and I had horribly sore, chapped nipples because of it. I was gifted a set and gave her one and she never threw up again. She was able to suck to soothe but not eat. We weaned her cold turkey at 6 months, basically just after we introduced baby food.
  • I don't mind them. Mine only took them for about 4 months. I'd rather them pacify on that than on me.
  • I didn't know they could help reduce SIDS. Does anyone recommend a specific brand that they liked?
  • I didn't know they could help reduce SIDS. Does anyone recommend a specific brand that they liked?

    My son only liked the Nuk.
  • We are a BINKY family! Lol! Both of mine took one since birth...and thank God bc I doubt we would have ever slept without it! We use the advent ones from the hospital until 3 months then switch to nuk oldest loved latex and our second loves silicone. You can never tell what they will like so buy a varity!
  • Neither of my little ones wanted a pacifier. Like the other posters, I wish my kids would have taken them, at least a little bit.
    I'll be trying again with this little man, but we'll see. If he were to take a pacifier, we'd cut cold turkey probably before the age of one and possibly limit it to night.

  • I didn't know they could help reduce SIDS. Does anyone recommend a specific brand that they liked?

    We love(d) MAM and what I particularly liked was that they come in glow in the dark. Makes those middle of the night pacifier rescues easier.
  • My sister didn't use any with her son because they can cause oral fixations such as biting nails (which has always been really big problem for her) and he's been amazing, he won't take now them because he knows milk doesn't come out of them. I don't plan on using any with mine when he's born for the same reason
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