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Need to vent!

TGIF!!! Had a work week from hell, husband has been gone for three weeks and was supposed to be home tonight but just heard he is stuck at work (hate staffing patterns). :(( and to top it all off just found out that the house we are renting has gone into foreclosure and that the landlord hasn't paid the mortgage in over a year!!! Wtf is he doing with the rent we give him!!! Ahhhh! So frustrated!!

Anyone have any good news??



Re: Need to vent!

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    ugh sorry about your husband and your house... people are so dumb sometimes (re:landlord).


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    pretty bad week here as well, I am just glad it is friday. Sorry about your landlord :(
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    What in the world? That is awful! I am sorry.

    I am sick in bed, H doesn't seem to mind since we are going away to visit his buddies first thing tomorrow.
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    It has definetly been beyond an abnormal week! Sorry you ladies are not having the best one either :( hopefully next week is better! @lifeonthehill really hope you feel better soon, being sick is such a drag!
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    That sucks!  I hope there is some way you can get all that money back.  Hopefully your hubs comes back safe and sound soon!
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    @Tippy05 we won't get any money back, and by law we have to keep paying him until we move, which is crap but can't change that. I hope he is home soon too! But CA has crazy fires going right now so it could be a while :-S
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    @mrsE2015 - that bites. Similar thing happened to my mom a few years ago. She ended getting majorly screwed because she did not have an actual lease - they were doing a month to month verbal agreement. I would look into your local laws, but I think that if you have an actual lease with an end date that even if the house is foreclosed by the bank, the bank has to honor your lease. I am not positive, but something to look into if you have not done so yet.
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    Wow that is so rough. Moving anytime sucks but having to move like that, and keep paying too--oh man that is just so lame.
    Thank your hubby for me for fighting the fires!

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    @mrsE2015 That happened to my Brother! I am so sorry! And from one Fire fighter's wife to another...Thank him for fighting those awful wild fires!!!

    And I hope you feel better soon, @lifeonthehill

    My week hasn't been awful, but not good...I am one of very few ethnic people in a largely white, German Catholic community...I got yet another racist Mexican remark while I was at work. And others try to make me feel better, but their own ignorance comes through..."They probably thought you were like the other Mexican's around here that don't speak good English"... @-)
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    hunnybunny17hunnybunny17 member
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    I'm sorry your landlord is doing what he's doing. I hope you find a good place to move into soon.

    I shared my good news in WTO, but I'll post it here too. I'll brag and be an AW for being proud of my DH.
    DH had his promotion ceremony today and put on his next stripe. He will officially be in the system as having more responsibility in 45 minutes. DH has been struggling very hard to make the next rank for years. He only had one more attempt to make it after this time before the Air Force would kick him out. And the rank he had to make is the second hardest rank to acquire in the entire Air Force enlisted system.

    I want to thank the all the firefighter husbands and the wives here as well! Wild fires are not an easy thing to deal with.

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    @CoachBeckyCooper We have been here for ten years, which makes it even more messed up! We are on a month to month. We will have 90 Days from when it sells to find a place, but finding a place is the hard part :( we live in a really small town and houses are hard to come by that accepts pets and are large enough for my business (in home daycare) which is another issue... No house means no job.

    @mommyportz I am so sorry! The ignorance of some people baffles me! Thank your husband as well, they do such amazing work! I couldn't be prouder of my husband and all the firefighters!!! But I do miss him dearly!!

    @BornMama he really appreciates the support of the communities that he serves! I couldn't be prouder of him! Thank you!

    And @hunnybunny17 that is so exciting! congratulations to your husband, thank him for serving our country, and thank you too! I can only imagine the sacrifices you make as well!

    I love this community! Thank you all so much for being supportive, hilarious, and scientific lol I appreciate that tremendously!! <3
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    @mrsE2015 could you buy the house? If it's in foreclosure you'd probably get a decent deal on it.
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    I hope your bad week turned into a great weekend!
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    @AL_TwinCities we are going to attempt too. The problem in our area is people come in with lots of cash and buy up the homes. If that happens I don't have 100,000 in cash :( but another option is if the new buyer will keep us as of now we wait!!!

    @CasCas53 thank you! It has gotten better! my SIL and BIL brought my niece up to visit me which is always wonderful!! :D
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