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Upcoming Appointments:

GTKY: What is your favorite boy/girl name that you WOULDN'T use for a LO?

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  • Weeks/fruit: 11/lime

    Rants/Raves/Symptoms: I have had this pain in my side since last night that comes and goes and is full and sharp at times. Went to dr this am and they have no clue but baby is doing great and his/her little heart is beating away! Just wish I knew why I was in pain! And that it would go away!

    Upcoming Appointments: other than today's unexpected appt and u/s, my next appt is 8/14

    GTKY: What is your favorite boy/girl name that you WOULDN'T use for a LO?
    I love Elsa/Elsie but hate that it was used in frozen and is so popular now!
    Boy name I love is Sheldon or Dylan but DH hates them both :(
  • bbax44bbax44
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    Weeks: 12!! Plum, so happy I've made it this far!

    Symptoms: nausea seems to be getting stronger and coming more often, i hope it goes away soon. I'm getting so hot when i sleep and cannot get comfortable so i wake up in the middle of the night toss and turn can't get back to sleep, it's frustrating. Headaches sometimes, rlp sometimes.

    Appt: i had my 2nd yesterday and got to hear babies hb again! Went down to 157-161 fhr whereas it was 175 at 9w us, my first tri screening is next wednesday and then my 3rd appt is aug 27.

    Gtky: honestly, i don't think i have any. Bf mentioned Madison for a girl, and at first i loved Kaylee Michelle but now I'm loving Madison Grace more. And for a boy we have Oliver Lee picked out. So we love our names so far, but i dont have any that i love but would never use.
  • Weeks/fruit: 13 weeks/Peach!

    Rants/Raves/Symptoms: Grossness, tired, nausea. No rants today. Raves: H made reservations for a fancy schmansy dinner tonight (jacket and tie required) and this will be the first time we have taken DS to a place this nice. I am super excited about getting to eat adult food at an adult restaurant!

    Upcoming Appointments: Nothing until Sept 1st and 15th (one of those is my A/S so I am really looking forward to that!

    GTKY: What is your favorite boy/girl name that you WOULDN'T use for a LO? I love the name Rand for a boy, but it would never fly with H. We have a girl name picked out (Aria, no middle name yet), but no boy name, and because we have no boy name I know this LO is going to be a boy....

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  • First of all, hi!  I have been lurking for a few weeks and this is my first post.  I am a FTM and have learned so much from reading everything you guys post/respond to, so thank you :)
    Weeks/fruit: 11 weeks/ lime 
    Rants/Raves/Symptoms: morning sickness finally gone, but my patience (especially with my husband), also seems to be non existent.   Thanks hormones

    Upcoming Appointments: next week, so excited to get to see LO again (but nervous for all the scary genetic testing that starts next week)

    GTKY: Charlotte.  It was my first choice for a girl until Kate & Will (and my best friend) chose the name


  • Weeks/fruit: 13 weeks/ Peach

    Rants/Raves/Symptoms: symptoms come and go depending on the day and what I decide to eat. Feeling a little better than I had been.

    Upcoming Appointments: my next appointment is Aug 20th, just seeing the doctor then. Haven't decided if I will do an U/S or not to see if they can tell what gummy bear is. May just wait til anatomy scan.

    GTKY: What is your favorite boy/girl name that you WOULDN'T use for a LO?
    Boy : Noah ( personal reasons )
    Girl : Geneieve ( Doubt Dh would go for it )
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  • Weeks/fruit: 12, plum. I've been grocery shopping on Fridays and seeking out these different fruits just to hold in my hand for a second and get a visual!

    Rants/Raves/Symptoms: No rants! My energy is up, I can see my bump growing (even if others can't yet), and my H and I have a whole, plan-free weekend ahead of us to do whatever we want. It's going to be glorious.

    Upcoming Appointments: Finally get to meet my OB on Monday.

    GTKY: I love Sophia and Charlotte, but they've already been used in our circle. Haven't even thought about boy names because our son would be "the fourth" of a family name.
  • Weeks/fruit: 12 weeks/plum

    Rants/Raves/Symptoms: sooo tired! Having a rough time getting to sleep lately, but other than that, I'm feeling great!

    Upcoming Appointments: NT scan Wednesday. Can't wait to see LO again. Plus it's my husband's first time seeing the baby, so I think it'll be more real for him after that!

    GTKY: What is your favorite boy/girl name that you WOULDN'T use for a LO? Every name I've loved for a long time has gotten super popular lately! I've had Ella, Charlotte, Madeline (lots of Maddies/Addies), Olivia and Sophia picked out since highschool! Wayyyy too common now, so back to the drawing board!
  • Weeks/fruit: 12 weeks/plum 

    Rants/Raves/Symptoms: I've been feeling so much more 'normal' lately. Getting a bit more of a blump but otherwise not much to write home about. 

    Upcoming Appointments: MONDAY! NT Ultrasound. Haven't seen baby since 6w1d so I'm excited and nervous for everything to come out okay. 

    GTKY: What is your favorite boy/girl name that you WOULDN'T use for a LO? Girl name DH and I have always liked is Samantha, but our DS1 is Graham and I don't want "Graham and Sam". Boy name, I really like Reid for a boy but DH won't go for it b/c it reminds him of someone he dislikes. 
    BFP #1 4/23/11, EDD 1/4/12::No heartbeat @ 9 wks::D&C 6/1/11 
    Child #1  June 2012
    Child #2  Feb 2014
    Child #3  Feb 16
    BFP 3/9/17
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  • PaniaOPaniaO
    500 Love Its 500 Comments First Answer First Anniversary
    12 weeks! I bought a pretty plum this morning to celebrate. :)

    I’m getting pretty pissy about the prospect of “losing” my figure to this growing babe (already lost a flat stomach due to constant bloating)... so I’ve become a bit obsessive about going for a run every day to stay relatively in shape. But every time I go running, I leak so much CM that I spend a good portion of the run thinking paranoid thoughts about what might be leaking out… #:-S
    So far, so good! I’m grateful with each passing day, and I’m stoked that my DH asks to hear the HB every so often, so I don’t have to feel like I’m obsessive when I start thinking I want to pull out the doppler yet again.
    Want to punch everyone in the head—like, seriously, everyone, and for no good reason. (As in, I’m still annoyed by the way this one guy was speed-walking around the lake yesterday…) Long, novelesque vivid dreams every single night—and my body temperature is super hot, especially at night. Boobs are huge (plus!). Getting up to pee four times every night. All I want to eat during the hot daytime is bananas, and I’m craving pure cacao and peanut butter every night. My nausea came back with some serious force earlier this week, but it’s not too bad anymore, actually—thank goodness.

    Upcoming Appointments:
    Monday morning NT scan and appointment with my OB Thursday. I’m looking forward to the first time we’ll see the baby look like an actual baby, rather than a gummy bear. :)

    GTKY: What is your favorite boy/girl name that you WOULDN'T use for a LO?
    Hudson for a boy; Gwen for a girl. Both taken by others. I have so many cousins with children that hella names are just out. Oh, and DH and I seriously truly want to name our kid Banksy, but we just can’t bring ourselves to do it because they’ll just be saddled with our SS issues as a result. ;) We had been 90% set on Oliver for quite some time before I started to realize that the name has apparently become incredibly popular.
    S & A married 8.12.2013
    Expecting Saulie O 2.12.2016
  • Weeks/fruit: 10 weeks, prune

    Rants/Raves/Symptoms: had a scare today but everything turn out wonderfully! I'm still spotting but baby's heart beat was strong and he/she was dancing around....little wiggle worm.

    Upcoming Appointments: Wednesday

    GTKY: What is your favorite boy/girl name that you WOULDN'T use for a LO?
    Boy: Noah
    Girl: Eloise

    Praying this is our take home baby. STICK TURKEY Mommy will miss you everyday my beautiful angel. We love you Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers M/C on 1/05/11 at 11 weeks.
  • @PaniaO I'm right there with you on wanting to punch everyone! I've never realized how annoying people sound when they breathe.
  • Weeks/fruit: 12 weeks/plum!

    Rants/Raves/Symptoms: I wish my belly was sticking out because of a baby bump and not because it's filled with gas and poop. Ugh I'm so uncomfortable and fat feeling

    Upcoming Appointments: not another one for 5 weeks :(

    GTKY: What is your favorite boy/girl name that you WOULDN'T use for a LO? I think Charlotte. It's pretty but it's probably going to become super popular
  • Bit late but only just got signal on holiday!!!

    Weeks/fruit: 10 weeks, prune (yuk!)

    Rants/Raves/Symptoms: been feeling so much more human! More energy, less nausea! Although yesterday and today it's back! Almost passed out on trip to Pompeii with DH (blaming the heat!) and first actual sickness today so feeling sorry for myself - Italian meal for DH alone tonight!!!

    Rant - wasp got up my maxi dress and stung me on the stomach yesterday :-( hurt a lot and can't take antihistamines!!!

    Upcoming Appointments: I should hopefully have a letter when I get home with my first scan date! Exciting!

    GTKY: What is your favorite boy/girl name that you WOULDN'T use for a LO?

    I love Flora, but vetoed quickly by DH!
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