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How do you team green ladies do it??

I'm not team green, but still have about two weeks until my anatomy scan to find out sex. I've gotten a serious shopping bug this last week and was hoping in the meantime to pick out a few gender neutral clothing items just to tide me over. Well easier said than done! Practically every store I've walked in has had a "blue section" and a "pink section." Where are all the cute green, yellow, cream outfits I remember companies making a few years ago? I used to work in a children's toy and clothing store and it was never like this!

I managed to find two onesies that say "I love mommy" and "I love daddy," and that's it! Unless you buy all plain white onesies or there are secret shops on the Internet I don't know about, I seriously don't get it. For being in an age that is probably the most gender aware and least gender stereotyping I don't understand why major stores don't have more options for gender neutral.

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  • I buy mostly online and smaller boutiques. I find they have the cutest gender neutral stuff! It's funny, with DS I couldn't wait to find out the sex and counted down the days but being team green hasn't been that hard for me!
  • Amen! I haven't been out lately, but my first impression was that it was going to be hard. We have about 8 cute neutral onsies. We'll keep an eye out for others. But I know that as soon as the baby is born my mother and husband will be running to the mall next door to the hospital to start buying things.

    We are going to take a girl and boy outfit with us for bringing the baby home.

    Also, clothes have been low on our baby-buying priority list.

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  • Maybe I'm just being a whiner because I hate online shopping (maybe that should go in UO thread next week!) And even when I do find out sex that doesn't mean I want my boy in all blue or my girl in all pink, what's so cute about that??
  • Being team green actually was great because it curbed my shopping with ds. In the end we hardly bought him any clothes because we were given so many gifts and hand me downs. Now that he's outgrown all of the hand me downs, Christmas and birthday clothes, we'll get to start buying him things now. Team green again so we're pretty much set for boys clothes. If it's a girl I'm sure we'll be given some things as gifts in the hospital and we have enough gender neutral to start. Then we'll buy her clothes once we get home.
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    You'll have the most luck finding neutral stuff in the "boys" section of stores. With my daughter, I wasn't team green but I knew that if it was a girl I wasn't going to buy a bunch of "pretty pink princess" clothes for her. So we went to the boys section and picked out stuff with ducks, monkeys, etc. that were neutral, or pretty much anything that didn't say "Handsome."

    It's definitely frustrating that the blue for boy/pink for girl is so strong in retail stores, but they are just trying to maximize their profits. Don't worry though, if you can't find something now then try checking back when they change out their inventory (usually once a season).  The Target stores near me are putting everything on clearance right now, and getting ready for put new clothes in for the fall.  Hope you find some cute stuff for little one!
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  • Very true, @tinne004 . I found a lot of what I consider to be neutral stuff in the boy section. I can usually find things with animals or in gray/green/yellow over there. The girl section is almost exclusively pink/frilly.

  • Very true, @tinne004 . I found a lot of what I consider to be neutral stuff in the boy section. I can usually find things with animals or in gray/green/yellow over there. The girl section is almost exclusively pink/frilly.
    Yeah, I think DD only had a few pink items during her first year.  Fortunately my family and friends were very understanding and got her a ton of neutral gifts.  So if you do have a girl and don't want the pink craziness, make sure you tell people!
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  • I'm not team green, but also with my daughter just preferred more neutral & plain clothes. She can choose her style later but for a toddler I don't think it matters. I ended sewing pants and some dresses for her because she was cloth diapered and the leggings didn't fit properly around her bum, and I wanted to dress her in a different style than I could find in stores.
    I got infant sewing patterns a couple weeks ago so I could make some neutral outfits for this LO.
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    Team Green but hate shopping anyways, will probably get most of the first few months clothes at shower or as hand-me-downs, and think nearly all the boy stuff is actually gender neutral (I like frogs and trucks, why can't my daughter if that's what we're having?).
  • Being team green saved me a ton of money last pregnancy (and will again this time around). I am a self proclaimed shopping addict. and I love to shop online. I didn't buy much for DS until he was born. And then we got TONS of hand-me-downs because there are lots of boys in our families already.

    I actually want to find out this time. HOWEVER, I know that if I find out that it is a girl I will start shopping. If we have another boy we don't need anything. In fact, we have enough boy clothes for at least two boys. Not knowing will keep me from buying girl clothes for the next 6 months. :-)

    Also, we tended to dress DS pretty gender neutral. Love purple, red, orange. With the exception of lace and dresses and bows, I think we'd be fine to dress a girl for quite some time too.
  • I was "team green" up until exactly 14 weeks. The day before they drew my blood for the MaterniT21 test. Then I was like, I'm gonna find out!!!! and as I wait for the results, I'm like..... maybe I can wait.

    Anyway, I've been hitting up garage sales. Got a ton of CUTE CUTE CUTE clothes for $.25 a pop. So I don't feel bad buying boy and girl, because I can totally give what I don't need away, right? Like a good deed.

    I'm still debating finding out. I can't decide!!!
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  • Honestly, I find it so sad that baby stores are so gender specific. I did find a bunch of adorable gender neutral clothes at baby gap. Lots of reds and greys. Almost all of DS's 0-3 clothing was gender neutral!
  • Eh...we were Team Green with DD and honestly I preferred it in the clothes department. We bought take home outfits for boy and girl and when DD got here we got a TON on clothes as gifts in the hospital, and at our home. For my shower I got a couple ducks, frogs outfits and we used them in the beginning. But people love buying little girl clothes and I don't think we had to buy our own clothes until 9m.

    This time we are team green again and again I'm not worried about clothes. We have girl stuff even if it's a tad off season, and if we have a boy we'll deal with clothes after the fact.
  • Same as lots of other pps. It kept me from buying a ton of clothing, and as soon as my mother and MIL found out DD was a girl, they showed up a few hours later at the hospital with an entire wardrobe anyway. Found a couple of green onesies (after literally an hour of scouring the store) just to get us home in case we didn't get any clothes for gifts, but it was definitely difficult. I don't have the money to shop at boutiques, but I know they offer more neutral options.
  • Ditto what others said. This is our third team green baby and really you don't need that many clothes at home for when baby comes home.
    It helped save us so much money because I wasn't buying clothes before hand and we got so many clothes with all of our kids as gifts. And realistically I will go shopping right after I get home.
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