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32 weeks and pre term ?!?

im a FTM and I lost my plug , my doctor told me to come in and check to see if I'm dialated. There was no dialation and for the last 2 weeks I've had loose bowel movements and for the last 3 days I've had (TMI) diarrhea , my Braxton hicks are getting a lot stronger and the baby has dropped. I'm getting worried that I'm going to go into labor soon at just 32 weeks. Any advice ?!

Re: 32 weeks and pre term ?!?

  • I'm a FTM too, so I don't know much from personal experience, but I am 34 weeks and was having contractions earlier this week. I went in and am 1cm dilated and 60% effaced, I don't think I've lost my plug yet, but I've also had diarrhea. If you're not dilated and not having regular contractions, I wouldn't worry! I'm still having contractions, but they're not regular or increasing in frequency. My doctor said to come in if I have 6 contractions in an hour, if my water breaks, or if I start having a lot of bleeding (I bled some after each cervical check). My doctor said even though I'm dilated and effaced, I could still not go into labor until my due date. 
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  • As for the mucus plug, that doesn't really mean anything. Those can regenerate themselves and aren't a solid indicator that you'll be in labor soon. It's a good thing you checked in with your doctor and he can keep tabs on your progress. Considering you aren't dilated, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Braxton Hicks are normal at this stage and even if you were dilating, women can walk around like that for weeks.
    Good luck to you. If stuff starts changing, like pp said, I'd call the dr. back.

  • At 31 weeks I was 2 cm dilated, on meds to stop contractions, 70% effaced and I've been having diarrhea too. I'm at 33 weeks now, I wouldn't worry too much!
  • I started dilating at 30 weeks. Still no baby. At 32 weeks, my doctor said baby can come anytime now and she doesn't expect any health issues. Don't get panicky, time your contractions, if they aren't consistent they are nothing to worry about. I've had a lot of pain for weeks, if your concerned, call your doctor. I know most of us hate to call the doctor and it turns out nothing is wrong, but it is better safe than sorry.
  • I wouldn't worry too much, as PP said mucous plugs can regenerate and don't indicate impending labor, baby dropping is also not indicative of labor and in fact babies can (and do!) move back up.  The rest is all pretty standard for 32 weeks.  Its good your doctor is monitoring you though and everyone should keep their OBs or midwives posted on any irregularities or consistent contractions.  
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    Never feel bad about checking (and rechecking) with your MW or OB. I told my OB that I felt so stupid coming in for nothing, he said he liked when women came in over nothing! That he'd rather be reassuring a mom, then for them to wait at home stressed out or having something really going on.
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