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  • Waiting for doc to call me back and getting angrier by the second. Have had a severe migrane since about 1:30am. Tylenol with codine failed twice, coffee, Pepsi nothing is working. Have barely moved from the couch. Vomited up my lunch because the pain is so severe. Thank god niece is with my mom today cause there is no way I could handle her. DH won't answer his phone and has not checked up on me once. He may die tonight. While I know its wrong, part of me just wants them to tell me to go in and have this baby now (I'm 39 weeks yesterday, but tomorrow is my initial due date, based on lmp). Between the migrane, cramps, all other pains, general lack of sleep, and this heat, I am just done right now.

    I would just go in to L&D if it is getting that bad instead of waiting a few hours for the Dr's to call back. Hope you feel better soon!

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  • I wanted my baby to come today so it would have a Ruby birthstone. DS is an emerald and peridot doesn't really go well with emeralds. I know worst reason ever.

    I had also had the thought that July would be an awesome month to have a baby for the birthstone reason. I have a July nephew and my BIL got my sister a beautiful ruby necklace for her birthday. DH was like oh next year I'll get you a peridot necklace. I'm sure it will be lovely but it's not a ruby! I'm awful.

    Also I am in the camp of totally not caring about caffeine intake anymore. At all. Stare at my belly all you want people at Dunkin Donuts I'm getting a medium iced and I'm going to drink it all!!!!
    Maybe we can hold these babies inside until September 1st??

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  • They finally called and told me they were going to prescribe me Imatrex. Well, that is what I was on before pregnancy (that they told me was not safe but they now feel is safe after recent research) and I happen to have it here already. Fingers crossed it works cause if not, I will probably be going to l&d.

    Edited to add that DH finally answered my texts. Still not sure if he will get to live the night since he knew I was home miserable and didnt check up on me at all....

    I hope you feel better soon!! I know how miserable migraines can be. Interesting about the Imatrex, that was what I was on before getting pregnant as well and was told to stop taking it because they just didn't know either way if it was okay or not. I'm glad to hear it's safe now.
  • My in laws that are our back up for the kids when I have to go to the hospital since they live in town and know the littles' routine really well. Well, their adult infant son who is 22 and going off to graduate school needs to go out now and they are convoying 2 cars and taking 7 days total (my entire 38th week of pregnancy) to drive him out. This itinerary includes 2 "fun" days. I asked them what they would do if I went into labor right as they were leaving and they just blankly stared at me and my BIL said "but I have to go to school..." X(

    Anywho... My FFFC is now I hope that LO comes smack dab in the middle of their trip just out of my current preggie induced spite. I don't want her to come early but they are pissing me off with the aloofness!

    My in laws are also our go-to peeps to watch the boys (ages 3 and 5) when we go to the hospital. They are our only family that live in town and offered to do this. They informed us yesterday that they will be out of town with friends at a winery the 13th-16th.... When I'm 38.5 weeks. Gee thank guys. Both boys came in their own in the 38th weeks, so I'm a little worried that this newest guy will come then also. we also said we kind of hope the babe comes while they are gone. Just because I'm grumpy they offered then sprung this on us!
  • gulimzgulimz member
    Miz_Liz said:

    @emmacake08 you read my mind! I was totally getting ready to PM @Miz_Liz and ask her what the drink was she has been raving about. It just better not be like the skinny bitch popcorn scenario ;)

    LOL...if there is a Starbucks, you should be able to get it. It is a white chocolate mocha raspberry iced coffee.

    She's gotten me and my husband in to it! It's so good! !! I get a venti everytime I go for my 2xs a wk doctors appointment. Just had one yesterday.
  • gulimzgulimz member

    Miz_Liz said:

    So if I don't like iced-coffee, do you think there's a chance I'd still like this?? I like mocha, chocolate, raspberries, and coffee..... ;) now I'm curious!!

    I never drink iced coffee and I LOVE it. When I go to Dunkins I order hot coffee all year round.
    Good to hear you ladies are still drinking coffee....I was starting to feel bad. Guilty, I have a small iced homemade coffee on the daily.

    Don't feel bad. I never stopped drinking coffee. I just cut down from like 10 large cups a day to 1 small cup. And now that its hot outside, I get iced which has a lot less caffeine.
  • @prpl11butterfly hope you get some answers and feel better soon!
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  • gulimzgulimz member
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    @Miz_Liz it also has a similar taste to chocolate coated raspberry oikos Greek yogurt. Which I've been eating religiously.

    Edited because I just noticed I left out words due to lack of sleep
  • FFFC: DS2 kept me up all night with night terrors, I mean every ten minutes screaming... Today is his third birthday, I am exhausted and subconsciously taking it out on him. I don't think we are making it to the park today.
    On the other hand he is having a party next weekend, I'll make up for it then..
  • Joie80Joie80 member
    Yesterday, on the Thankful Thursday thread, I was so grateful for my MIL. Today, she's aggravating the hell outta me. She's very kind and super sweet, but she's hovering over me and DD and just trying to be too helpful. If she would just back the f*ck off and chill, things will go much more smoothly.
  • @gulimz I will pick some up!

  • gulimzgulimz member
    Ahhh ok. If your doctor says no, then go with that of course.
    Plus we're all pretty much done so you can go back to caffeine soon enough anyway!
  • Since I've been out on maternity leave I've had SO'S kids 10&4. I love them and treat them just like they're mine.... I'm totally trying to escape it today, feeling overwhelmed, tired, exhausted, scared for what's coming up, just way to much for me right now but I don't want to admit it out loud to anyone but you girls here. I truly think hormones have taken over because never once have I ever wanted to be away from them. :((
  • Miz_Liz said:

    I HATE (like with an undying passion kind of hate) skinny jeans on guys.

    Omg me too. I'm also not a fan of guys wearing pink but that's just me. I feel like they do it to get attention.
  • @breezymeema7 that is seriously scary. I hope they get you in soon to ease your nerves, and hope nothing escalates in the mean time. :-SS
  • @breezymeema7 praying for you! :x
  • @breezymeema7 that's scary and frustrating. Hoping they call ASAP to get you back in. You're in my thoughts and prayers.
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