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Help with my chart this month?

Hello ladies! I've been a little inactive for a while (I had a CP). But hubby and I are back at it again!

I chart using the TCOYF app and FF to cross reference. My chart is doing something funny this month so I wanted everyone's thoughts! I'll include a link to my FF chart. Just so everyone knows, I do frequently have long cycles (32-40 days, average 36) and I have low progesterone. 

So as you can see I had a temp rise on CD20 then it went back down. I didn't have a positive OPK. TCOYF took the rise as ovulation even though it didn't stay up. What do you guys think? Is my progesterone terribly low this month and my temp didn't stay up? Or do you think that for an unknown reason I had a temp spike and I'm still awaiting ovulation? Thanks in advance for the help!

<a href="">My Ovulation Chart</a>

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Re: Help with my chart this month?

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