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I'm so nervous!!!!

I know it's silly. Because I'm only 13 weeks. But I can't stop watching birthing videos. I want information. But it freaks me out. I'm really scared about how they're going to do my birth. I'm pregnant with twins and I keep hearing about complications during labor and the risks and all these other things and it honestly terrifies me. Any suggestions?

Re: I'm so nervous!!!!

  • Don't watch too many videos and freak your self out! Especially with twins you never know what is going to happen and how you will deliver. It's nice to be informed but try not to worry too much!! I was kind of scared for labor and delivery since my twins were my first and had no idea what to expect but then I didn't even end up going into labor and had a csection!
  • You sound a little freaked out. I think maybe you should stop watching videos for awhile?

    Remind yourself that your body was designed to grow and give birth to babies. We are so blessed to live in modern times where if something doesn't go as planned, doctors are better prepared than ever to help you and your babies! :)
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  • Nobody stays pregnant forever. And giving birth is an event that will most likely take one day of your life. It corns and goes like a flash and then there's your baby.

    You'll be fine.
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  • I did this when I was pregnant with my first. A friend suggested I watch "the business of being born"...bad idea. It just freaked me out more. I would agree with everyone else and suggest you stop watching them.
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    I would stop watching videos. Everyone is different and no birth is the same... :) I am scared too... I am not pregnant with twins though. You will be fine! Just focus on the doctor and the beautiful gifts at the end. Listen to your doctor she or he will coach you!
  • Thank you ladies! It was really helpful. I worry a lot about many different things being pregnant. Especially because I had a miscarriage last year. So everything is fine with the babies and it's so real now and I just worry. But thank you all. It was really very helpful
  • I have not had twins, but I've had 3 beautiful children along with 3 pretty wonderful childbirths! Everyone has given great advice, those videos will definitely make you nervous and make you anxious, but the end goal will be one of the best days of your life, and you were made to do this!! You have a wonderful support system here on the boards, and we're all here to help you get through it!!!
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