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gender blood test..

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so at 11wks we got the counsyl screening that tells you gender and of course most importantly if your little one has any chromosomal abnormalities... well our little GIRL is 100% healthy yay!!... now im 15wks and from day one i had a strong feeling i was having a boy. i have had dreams, Chinese gender chart, ramzi theory all point boy... im still afraid to go buy pink because i still have this feeling she could be a he.. anyone ever hear of the test going wrong? just want to see those three lines till i go ape shit buying girly stuff!!!!

Re: gender blood test..

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    Just keep your receipts if you are concerned. And buy mostly gender neutral things. I know so many women who swear they were having a boy right up until they pop out a girl, (and vice versa) I think various post on this page have discounted the accuracy of all the methods you mentioned, so id hardly decorate a nursery based on them.

    Just to make it clearer, as far I know, the DNA test is the most accurate way to determine the sex of your child, the other methods you mentioned are essentially just Games, and not to be taken seriously.
  • The blood tests use baby DNA to determine the sex. Much more accurate than a scan.

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    I would go with the DNA results over strong feelings and theories with 50% accuracy but hey I'm cray so what do I know ? Buy all the blue things
  • You'll probably have an anatomy scan in a few weeks, and if your baby cooperates I'm sure you will see the sex at that point. Be sure to let us know if your gender blood test was wrong.
  • i will update im sure shes a she but theres still this feeling that u cant shake i have to see!
  • I would trust science over my gut feeling, but hey, that's just me.
  • I was 100% sure I was having a boy last time. Until science told me otherwise. My healthy happy baby girl is 14 mos. I'd start getting used to the fact that there will be a sweet little girl around. Good luck.
  • You have a girl in there go buy pink...or maybe a stegosaurus :D
  • Congrats on the HEALTHY baby!!!
  • So you are choosing to believe that the baby is healthy but not a girl...
  • @Snoopylovesbelle its one of the times someone only wants to take the info they like and disregard the rest.
  • Maybe it's a hermaphrodite. It's got female DNA, but will have a penis. Maybe both science and gut will be right. (I'm voting science, but who knows?)
  • like i have said im pretty sure she is a she but theres still that feeling in the back of my mind... i want to see a ultrasound to take that away... on another app that im on two girls have had wrong results! one girl actually said she was told her baby was a girl twice and he turned out to be a he.. so i was just seeing if there were any moms on here that it has happen to or have heard of it happening too..
  • Did those girls have blood tests?
    Theories are not the same as a DNA blood test
  • yes it was blood the harmony brand... she had one baby that the harmony test said girl and "she" was a he... then she had another one and samething happened.. idk like i said i know shes probably a she and im so excited.. some people are just visual i guess..
  • I thought i was having a boy too but dna and a sonogram proved shes a baby girl! :) i read alot about the dna testing b4 i had it done and from what i read if the test says its a boy theres a small chance it could have missed a chromosome, but if it says its a girl theres no mistaking that. Im not a scientist but that's what i read and it was right w my baby. Id bank on it. Congratulations! !
  • thanku! congrats on your baby girl too(:
  • yes it was blood the harmony brand... she had one baby that the harmony test said girl and "she" was a he... then she had another one and samething happened.. idk like i said i know shes probably a she and im so excited.. some people are just visual i guess..

    That chick is either trying to make you feel better or is the absolute exception. I think you need to accept that you are having a girl and not make yourself nuts.
    You seem to be okay with the fact the baby is healthy but doubting the sex. You can't pick and choose
  • im thrilled when he said girl! just had a gut feeling she was a boy thats all.. its taken us a long time to get pregnant so ill take what ever we get i just want to see a ultrasound thats all.. and wanted to see if there were any ladies on here that got the wrong results like on the other board im on..
  • The only way I could see them getting it wrong is if they gave you someone else's results. Which could happen but is also highly unlikely.
  • Isn't that Harmony test less accurate than others? I thought I read that somewhere but I could be wrong. I did the official through the doctor's office test which is over 99% accurate. I'm sure there is someone somewhere that it was wrong for (hence that last percentage) but odds are you're having a girl.
  • Dreams, the Chinese calendar, and ramzi were all 100% wrong for me with DS. All said girl. I trusted the ultrasound with no question. DNA tests don't really fail, which is why they're used in court and research studies.

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  • You could always go to a sonogram place and have a gender reveal just to be sure. My husband and i went last week to a place that offers 3D and 2D sonos bc we are so excited to see Rory. The sono tech checked to be sure shes a girl, we had no doubt after the dna testing but it was still cool just to confirm. We did the 2D and it was the best $60 weve spent in a long time just to see her! :) She put on a performance kicking and what looked like she was rocking out lol.
  • Usually these feelings are based on what we are hoping for, not based in any reality. You can't deny DNA so I'd think you're safe to start buying tutus.
  • Theories are just that- possible, not for sure. If there was enough fetal DNA to count out genetic abnormalities, there should be enough to find a Y chromosome. There is always a margin for error. You have plenty of time to shop, why not wait until the anatomy scan?

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  • The dna blood work is 99.6% accurate. There is a higher chance of an ultrasound being wrong. There have been women who were told it was a girl or boy and find out at birth that it was the other. I would trust the blood work over anatomy scan and especially over old wives tales. I can tell you when I played with the old wives tales for fun it was all over the place for me. I did end up having the blood work done bc I'm considered AMA to check for abnormalities and found out we are having a boy. I would say your safe buying girly stuff now but if not save the receipts just in case or if you want wait for the anatomy scan.
  • We had the NIPT done simply because we wanted to know about the health status of our baby. But we asked our Dr not to ever reveal the gender to us. We don't care if it's a boy or girl. We just want him/her to be healthy. As for clothing choices...we have a whole lot of stuff that has been given to us ranging from pink to blue to green to grey. We figure it doesn't matter what colour our baby wears? We don't really care what other people think re: sex/gender. Does it matter if they think it's a girl when it's really a boy? We also won't buy particular toys based on boy/girl stereotypes, but let our child's curiosity decide over time. Gender identity is such a fluid thing.
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