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Moving to the Ft. Lauderdale area

Hello all! We are moving to Ft. Lauderdale in the next few months. I need advice for a pediatrician, VPK, housing (renting), areas of town....need to be close to Wilton Manors but other than that I would just like a safe family friendly environment....and friends! I have a four year old daughter....she turns five in October so we have another year of preschool/pre-k. School where we are doesn't start until after Labor I know we will be starting late in Broward County. Suggestions welcome!! Thanks!! 

Re: Moving to the Ft. Lauderdale area

  • Mommy blogs to follow,  parenting groups, facebook pages for parents in the Ft. Lauderdale/nearby areas anything with that area of town??? Different resources other than asking on here and yelp? thanks. This will be moving home for my husband but not for me....and he hasn't lived in the area for over twenty years. We are moving from Vermont...I am from North is just clicking for my daughter that she won't be seeing snow every winter...and she is sad. She will miss her friends, her fish (because I am NOT lugging a fish from VT to FL), her school, the snow, the mountains (as they call them here)......I did manage to console her with the fact that we are lugging her elderly cat AND she will be able to see Disney etc.
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    Hi!! I live in Miami Beach but moving to Ft. Lauderdale (Wilton manors) in September. We have a duplex and are looking for someone to rent a studio.
    If you are interested email me!!! When are you moving?
    [email protected]
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  • We are moving at the end of August and will need something bigger than a studio! 2 adults, one child and an elderly cat....but thanks!!
  • Hi! I suggest something south or north of Wilton Manors. Coral Springs, plantation , parkland, davi, cooper city and weston are all great areas.
  • Still looking for a place to live. Kiddo is enrolled at a pre-k in Pompano...which is about 8 minutes away from where we are staying.
  • Hmm if you're child is going to school in Pompano I would look into Boca, Parkland, Deerfield or even south West Palm. These areasareas al have sketchy parts to it so definitely look at the area before committing to anything. However, those are honestly the best locations. Personally deerfield is awesome because it's close to the beach and the city takes pride in hosting a lot of events there. Gl!!
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