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Enjoying your Thursday night?

I sure am! What is everyone up to?
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Re: Enjoying your Thursday night?

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    I just fo shed a glass of tequila and sprite to celebrate AF coming to town. Now I'm watching Beat Bobby Chef and waiting for DH to get home.
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    TTC #1: July 2015
    BFP 1: October 30, 2015; EDD: July 6, 2016- Team Pink
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    I feel like I can finally relax from the day. Kick off the shoes, whip off the bra...

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    MamaBishMamaBish member
    edited July 2015

    Edit: gif fail. It's Boo from Monsters Inc falling asleep. Too tired to figure out what broke. G'nite.
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    Yep!! Drank wine on the porch since AF came to visit! I sure hate that girl, but she's a decent drinking partner.
    Watched some OINTB, and now relaxing in bed with the puppy while DH finished watching his shows in the living room!
    Happy almost weekend, ladies!
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    November 2016: IUI #2- BFN
    December 2016: IUI #3 - BFN
    January/February 2017 - IVF + ICSI + PGD
    March 2017 - FET

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    I was watching ANW... until DH fell asleep.
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