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Joovy Boob bottles worth the price?

I currently have been buying a few bottles when I can get deals. I've gotten a few that were free samples and some that I purchased. I bought the glass tommee tippee 9oz when they were on a bogo sale. I want to try the Joovy Boob glass 8oz, but they're like 15 bucks a bottle. Apparently, they're supposed to be fantastic for breast to bottle fed babies. I plan to use a 10% coupon and my Babies R Us Rewards (about 10 bucks). Anyone have any experience using them? Any other opinions on bottles are welcome. I only buy glass bottles and I don't want to use Doctor Browns because of all the crazy parts!

Re: Joovy Boob bottles worth the price?

  • LOL.  I was hoping to see some answers here.  No idea.  We used Playtex Ventair and DropIns with our first and they were great.  I might just use those again.  I have considered these too though.
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    I'm a FTM too, but my older sister has used Avent Glass bottles for her two boys and she had absolutely no problem breast feeding but then leaving a bottle for the sitter or with dad while she was away that both boys would take happily. She tried everything but Avent was the only brand they liked. I think like pacifiers.... bottles will be a test and choose option for your particular baby. They are all just so different!!!!
  • Dr. Brown was the only thing that helped with DSs tummy/gas problems. The extra parts really aren't that big of a deal to wash or put together (its just a small tube and a little disk type thing that fits into it.). I recommend them to anyone and everyone who asks, dont waste your money on anything else!
  • My son only used Dr. Browns bottles, but he wasn't breastfeeding at the time, so I can't say how the two would have worked together.
    With my daughter, we had to try quite a few bottles. The Joovy Boob wasn't an option at the time or I may have tried it. We tried the Tommee Tippee, and while she did well with it even while breastfeeding, she was able to collapse the nipple way too easy. Also, they all started leaking from the rim not long after purchasing. We'd have to unscrew the top and redo it often to keep it from leaking. Last thing about Tommee Tippee - the inner parts were way annoying to wash. Even versus the Dr. Browns bottles. They had way more tiny grooves to get into and keep clean. That may vary by which bottle you pick, though. After all that, we switched to the munchkin Latch bottles. That thing has been great all around for us and it's what we'll try first for the new little guy.

  • I went to a breast feeding class and she suggested a wide nipple bottle to avoid confusion. When registering, the suggestion was to buy singles in different brands, let the baby chose, return the unused ones and buy a pack in the chosen brands.
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  • Thanks for the helps everyone! I went ahead and bought one Joovy with my coupons. I have a collection of a few bottles, so we will see what baby girl likes. Then I will return all the others and get a bunch of whatever she likes.
  • I've registered for them all except for Dr. Browns. We got one for free for a promotion BRU was running. I didn't like the parts.

    I registered for Joovy naturally nood and playtex breastlike shape nipples along with playtex newborn drop in, avent infant, Joovy boob pp and ppsu starter, and munckin latch starter bottle sets. I think I registered for Tommee on Amazon. I'm hoping we get the Joovy and Playtex stuff. I like the concept of Joovy and I remember using the drop ins during my baby sitting days.
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