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IVF embryo updates

I had my retrieval on Monday. They extracted 11 eggs, 9 of which were mature and they tried to fertilize via ICSI ( per standard protocol) and 6 of which fertilized normally. They called on Tuesday to tell me that. Then today, Thursday, they told me that I actually have 9 that fertilized and not 6. They said 3 were late bloomers. My next update isn't until Saturday. They told me to expect a drop. Since this is my first Ivf im not really sure what to expect as far as percentage who actually make it. Do late blooming embryos have a higher mortality rate than early bloomers? It's been a roller coaster thinking I only had 6, now finding out I have 9 but that 3 are "late bloomers". What has your experience been with drop off rates? My next update can't come fast enough. So much waiting!!!

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    I know exactly how you feel . I had late bloomers (2) that I ended up not keeping because their grade weren't too good . I wanted the best ones from the batch to make sure they servived and implanted lol . I had my transfer 8 days ago and waiting for my beta so get ready for the 2ww .. Wait wait wait can't run from it lol
    FX for you !
  • I haven't gotten their ratings yet but that's exactly what I feared- late bloomers are not as good as early bloomers:( awesome that you transferred already! I can't wait to get to that part but probably won't be able to until September. Good luck
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  • I also had some late bloomers and they didn't make it either. Just remember you really only need one to take. For IVF it's really more quality than quantity you want good quality embryos. I have my FX you have some good embryos waiting for you. Good luck. Also it seems you will do a frozen transfer the success rates for frozen transfers are much higher! Good luck!
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