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Hey there, FTM and 16 weeks along. My "morning sickness" has not stopped or let up at all. I've lost about 20-25 pounds during the past 10 weeks or so, and while everybody's expecting me to have a bump, I don't because everything the baby is gaining I'm losing. No medicine, no amount of ginger ale, food, anything helps. I still have zero energy. My back has been hurting a lot but today it was unmanageable. I couldn't even walk. I'm sorry to throw a pity party but I'm just so tired of being miserable and sick and need some advice. Please and thank you, and thanks for listening to me rant!!

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  • Have you talked to your doctor about diglegis or zofran. I know those have helped a lot of people on the board.
    If you do a search there have been a lot of threads on morning sickness and severe sickness where you can find some helpful tips.
    You should really be seen by your OB if it hasn't let up and you've lost that much weight.
  • My advice is to talk to your doctor about all of this. They will probably be able to help you manage all of these symptoms.
    Tylenol is usually safe after 1st tri, so unless you've been told not to take it you could try that for the back pain? I'm sorry you're feeling terrible.
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  • Go see your dr!! There are several good options that will make a world of difference. I was put on diclegis and it was a life saver. No reason to suffer when you don't have to and I'm sure the baby will enjoy you holding down food.
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    You can also do a DIY diglegis (sp?) by taking vitamin b6 and unisom sleep tab. Google the right amount but I want to say 25 mg of each 3 times a day or something. I didn't need it so don't trust my amounts.

    Good luck. Hopefully it'll fade away soon. It should!

    Also, try as hard as you can to snack constantly. Being hungry will make you feel sicker. Keep snacks next to your bed so you don't go all night without food. When you wake up to use the bathroom, eat a couple bites of something.
  • @Snoopylovesbelle @Leah6120 @mg137 I already take Diclegis religiously lol
  • try acupuncture!!! It can be super helpful for many people. Also, check your insurance because more and more of the are covering it now.
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