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Who loves makeup?!

I DO! I have seen some boards talking about grooming, but since we are all ladies here I'm sure some of us love makeup. I get my ipsy bag each month. I make a Sephora trip way too often. Lately, I haven't had the energy to do my makeup, at all!!! I put on some mascara and call it a day.. I need to get it together! So here it is 9:30pm and I'm playing with makeup as if this baby hasn't made me have bad enough acne already!! I figured we could share some of our favorite products because I'm ALWAYS looking to try something new & maybe it will make me feel like getting ready again!! I am an eyebrow freak. I do NOT draw my eyebrows in, however, I have blonde eyebrows so I do fill them in just to make them look a little bit darker with the color taupe from Brow Wiz. I have used this for so long now.. Thinking of trying something new.. Anyone have a go to product they use for their brows... Or just want to throw out some tips or awesome products you've tried!!?

Re: Who loves makeup?!

  • indibiduleindibidule member
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    I use some neutral browns to do a daytime version of a smokey eye, add some liner, mascara and a tinted lip balm and I'm good. But that's only when I actually feel like wearing make up which is once a month or when a special occasion arises.
    Eta I love love LOVE my ipsy bag. I mostly get skin care, hair care and nail products though, so it's great to be able to customize to your beauty routine.
  • I use the dip brow from anastasia of Beverly Hills. I haven't really worn makeup since I've been pregnant, but if I'm going to see people outside of my daily coworkers I try to atleast keep my brows filled in. I get ipsy too, but recently I haven't cared to do anything with anything lol.
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  • @laxdixdar I love Anastasia products!! They have really good matte lipstick! I have to try their brow powder!
  • Mascara + blended blush & mascara is my summer look! I do love makeup though. Mac eye shadows are my guilty please. For any blemishes, I highly recommend tea tree oil. You can get it at most health food type stores. Spot treat zits with it, you'll literally see results overnight most of the time!
  • Most pharmacies can order tea tree oil too. We usually have some in stock because a lot of people use it for various homeopathic remedies and as a scent for sugar scrubs and other things.
  • @hailees have to try that!
  • @jgregory0215 it's the best!! Works great on mosquito bites too!
  • Have you tried IT cosmetics? My new favorite this year.
  • @amylynnec I haven't heard of it! Looking it up now!
  • Be sure to check QVC, sorry I didn't mention that before.
  • That was the first thing that came up! I'm definitely going to try a couple of their products.. I watch tutorials and they look amazing!
  • What do ya'll think of the Naked palettes? After being spoiled by Mac eyeshadows since I was 15, I was really disappointed in the quality of the shadow! So much fall out. I learned that using their primer def helps.
  • ashhsaashhsa member
    I also swear by Anastasia "dip brow". I'm a make-up artist, and it's def the best for colour payoff, and lasts a long time not only on the brow, but also before you need to replace. It CAN be a little tricky to use at first, but def persevere, and try not to choose a shade that is to dark, I feel like a lot of people tend to do that!
  • I've been super lazy with my makeup too. Im a Younique presenter and love the products. All their products are made with natural ingredients. My go to for a quick picker upper are 3D fiber lash mascara, cream shadow, bb creams and bronzer.
  • evikssrevikssr member
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  • I make my own natural makeup and it's awesome
  • ashhsaashhsa member
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    I'm sorry, but that "younique" 3d lash mascara looks absolutely disgusting. Everytime someone try's to sell me that stuff on Instagram I just cringe. And the company name it terrible!! I just think it's foul!
  • cawalpcawalp member
    I use Mary Kay products because my MIL sells it and my husband will literally let me buy anything if it helps her business. Lately I haven't even opened my bag but typically I do the CC cream, a little of the setting powder and mascara and I'm done. If it's a bad day I'll use some cover up under my eyes and for special occasions I love MAC eyeshadow, typically in light gold shades. I'm not adventurous at all.
  • I want to try the dip brow so bad now!! & the Naked palletes are "okay" to me.. Nothing compared to MAC!!!!

    I tried the younique mascara one time a couple months ago, I was in my friends wedding and she swore by it but it wasn't for me .. The fibers were weird and made me lashes clump
  • ashhsaashhsa member
    Yes, @jgregory0215 it clumps together it looks like you have slept in mascara and reapplied it over the top in the morning and you need to wash your face! And the way they push it and advertise it. I honestly get emails in my business account weekly,... I hate pushy marketing! They comment on my pictures too... Annoying!

    Some of my "must haves"
    My fav highlighter- Mary Lou manzier by the balm.
    Bronzer- Laguna by Nars
    Blush- blushing-Sunday Riley
    Concealer- prolong wear- mac.
    Gel liner- ingalot.

    Those things are what I use everyday! My current favs with dip brow! No foundation is working for me right now! :(

  • Absolutely love make up! I remember the days i wouldn't leave my house without my "face" on but now if im showered and hair is brushed thats a productive day for me! @indibidule i heard of you put tea tree oil (a few drops) in your kids shampoo it keeps the lice off them is that true?
  • @sarah92544 That's one thing people have said when they buy it. I've heard all kinds of bug repellent things about it. There's tea tree shampoo but that gets kind of expensive so people have made their own with a normal shampoo and the oil. I've heard of people using it in candle making and that it works better than a citronella candle. Just search it on pinterest. I'm sure there are tons of pins for different uses.
  • Anyone want to recommend a good face moisturizer?? I have normal to sometimes dry skin. Most of the time I can get by with just a decent body lotion on my face (I use an unscented lubriderm). But usually in the fall to winter my skin gets really dry. I've used Clinique's dramatically different facial lotion, but looking for something new.
  • @MommyHeid I use Lubriderm with spf. Out of all the fancy stuff I've tried, this is always my preference by far! I also have normal to dry skin.
  • MommyHeidMommyHeid member
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  • jgregory0215jgregory0215 member
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    @MommyHeid I have pretty normal skin but in the winter it does get dry and I have always used Olay on my face.. I looove it! I use it every single day.
  • jgregory0215jgregory0215 member
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    This is SO random but right now I'm #2 in this wedding dress contest that ends tonight. A local radio station brought it down to the top 10 people and today is the last day to vote. You don't have to vote for mine of course, vote for the dress you find the prettiest. Even though I had to get last minute alterations done because the corset was too tight on my newly found baby pooch and only have 1 picture from my wedding on my phone since I never received my wedding photos yet :(
  • @ashhsa that's your opinion. I happen to love it and it definitely does not look disgusting on me or any of the girls I've seen. Maybe the ones you saw don't know how to apply it right. If it's clumping that's because it's not being done right. I just merely shared what i wear and love you don't need to bash it.
  • @ashhsa just decided to try a new foundation and loving Makeup Forever - Ultra HD Foundation
  • jgregory0215jgregory0215 member
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    I haven't tried any of the other Younique products so I can't say too much about them! I'm always up to try something new.. I heard with the mascara you either hate it or you love it .. I've been using the same mascara for years so it takes a lot for me to love a different one lol! I didn't realize they had so many different products though.. I always only see the mascara advertised
  • Meg920Meg920 member
    I love skincare and cosmetics! I worked for Clinique and Estée Lauder for 5 years! Clinique makes a brow powder that is amazing and it lasts forever. I love it because it isn't harsh looking and you can't tell you filled in your brows. I have super dark brown hair and I still use it!

    I love this post tho! Just interviewed for a new position within my company and the manager interviewing kept talking about my shadow and how great it looked. Definitely made my day!
  • bmmimsbmmims member
    I love the dip brow but it does take getting used to for application.  A little goes a LONG way for sure!  

    Not brow related - But IT Cosmetics has an incredible concealer called 'Bye Bye Under Eye', for those of us that naturally have darker under eyes (I have my entire life) This has been the best product and last all day!  I got a sample through Birch Box almost a year ago and just had to buy a bottle.  It is SO worth it!
  • ashhsaashhsa member
    @agarza21 it even looks gross and clumpy in the promo pictures! Obviously you are cool with that, I however am not. The fibers even fall on your face. It's not good quaity make up. Sorry.
  • @Meg920 that's awesome! Sounds like your interview went well!!! Good luck!
  • @bmmims I have been reading about IT products and have to try some!!
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