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UTI or just pregnancy?

how do you differentiate between a UTI and what's considered normal pregnancy peeing and bladder pressure? I can literally pee, get up to wash hands, then I have to sit right back down to go again. Feeling is always there, and it's not always a heavy stream. So is this UTI? Or just ole fashioned pregnancy? Would a UTI burn?

Re: UTI or just pregnancy?

  • UTI *usually* has other symptoms, but not always. If you suspect a possible UTI, you should contact your OB as they can get bad, fast. Especially during pregnancy.
  • Last UTI had was completely asymptomatic for me. They caught a trace of blood in my urine sample and did a culture. I'd ask your doctor to run a urine sample to see as it is really the only way to know. Mine will let me come by whenever if I need to without and appt and leave one. You could check to see if yours will let you do that.
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  • I was having so much pressure in my lower abdomen I could barely walk. I was also having contractions (Braxton hicks) and was worried since this is my first pregnancy. I went to the ED and they told me I had a really
    Bad UTI. I had UTI in first trimester with regular UTI symptoms, so this time around I really didn't think I had one at all. The OB RN said sometimes you don't have symptoms during pregnancy or they can present differently, and the pressure I was feeling was from UTI. I was started on antibiotics and the pressure went away. It's hard to know what symptoms are just pregnancy or something else. I feel it's better to be safe than sorry. If a UTI a goes untreated it can lead to preterm labor, this is what the ED MD told me.
  • Thanks...I typically overreact when it comes to anything and everything pregnancy related, so didn't want to jump the gun. But I will call first thing in the morning.
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