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I was wondering if anybody could tell me at what point you are supposed to go to the hospital for fluids after vomiting? I've eaten three times today and almost immediately been sick after all three, throwing up lots of liquid too. I tried drinking Gatorade with small snack and that came right up. I don't feel dizzy or anything just still super nauseous.

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  • I think it's 24 hours of not keeping anything down.
    Are you able to drink water or anything?
  • Not sure - call your OB or nurse line and find out?
    I'm sorry you're feeling ill, the only time I've had that happen was when I had a migraine :( I hope you feel better soon!
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  • Have you tried soda/sparkling water? If you can keep one of those down it would be better than nothing.
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  • cawalpcawalp member
    I drink with my meals so I haven't had any besides that. I had a few glasses of water with lunch and a Coke with my last snack because the acid usually makes me feel better but I'm not sure how much stayed down. Right now I'm trying to get some gatorade down for the hydration, but I'm terrified to eat.
    I tried for one day to not take my nausea medicine to see if I didn't need it so I didn't have to pay for another bottle and now I hate myself so much.
  • cawalpcawalp member
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    I think it's 24 hours of not keeping anything down.
    Are you able to drink water or anything?

    Thank you. I remember in the beginning weeks people were going in the afternoon from only being sick that day and I just wanted to make sure and not be crazy if I go and tell them I'm dehydrated when I'm not lol.
  • :( that's so rough I'm sorry. When I had the migraine a couple weeks ago I didn't eat all day. I wasn't even hungry and the one time I forced some down, it was back out within 5 min. You will be okay for one day not eating, even though it is weird and a little scary. Unless you're passing out or other alarming things - then call your doc asap.
  • Do you have any canned fruit in heavy syrup in your house? Drinking the syrup off of that is nearly identical to an otc anti-emetic and the sugars are supposed to help with the stomach. Same principal with drinking soda. Only the bubbles help too. Ginger ale may be another thing to try since ginger is a natural nausea remedy.
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    It's usually 24 hours without being able to keep anything down. At least, that is my experience but I would call your dr just to be safe since they know you and your medical history

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  • Small sips of room temperature water. I know it sounds awful but tiny sips every fifteen minutes is better than nothing.
  • cawalpcawalp member
    Thank you everyone. My doctor is closed right now so if it happens again tomorrow I will call before closing time lol.

    It definitely sucks being this far along and still being sick but I'm just gonna buy another bottle of medicine and hope it's over by the time this one is gone!
  • I recently had this experience too , I think I had a bug of some sort. I had vomited like 7 times and was on the toilet 8 times :/ I was worried about becoming dehydrated and called the MD after hours. The on call told me as long as I have been urinating a good amount then you are okay. If urinatation haults then its a definite sign of dehydration. she also said if the food or drink is coming up immediately after intake and you are literally holding nothing down .
    She didn't have me go to the ER despite the number of times I was sick due to the fact that I was urinating often and that I didn't immediately vomit after intake (I was keeping it down for like 15 to 20 min). Hope this helps .. If you are still concerned call your MD
    Sorry you are feeling sick , it totally sucks !!!! I found pedialyte icees were the best

  • When I had the stomach flu in February, I did the pedilyte ice pops - the grape was the best one
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    I am an RN in the emergency department and there's more to think about than just '24 hours without keeping anything down' pay attention to your pee, is it dark or strong smelling? Are you peeing as frequently as normal? Take your pulse when you're at rest, is it over 100 beats per minute? Are you having heart palpitations or muscle cramps or spasms? If no the you're probably reasonably well hydrated. Drink electrolyte beverages like Gatorade or pedialyte. Even if you throw it up your body still absorbs a portion of it. Also drink small sips frequently rather than large gulps and you'll be more likely to keep it down. Hope this helps!!!
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  • Not sure if it helps but my doctor told me to slowly ween myself off the nausea meds rather than stopping cold turkey. Originally I was taking 4/day, then 3/day, now I'm down to 2/day and will hopefully be off them completely soon !
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  • I was so sick one day I ended up calling my doctor because I was literally throwing up every 20-30mins for hours. I threw up so many times I lost count how many times I was sick. I told her if I threw up on more time my head was literally going to blow off. She sent me to the ER. The doctor took one look at me and said "whoa you really don't feel good do you". Lol it felt like hell and I felt soooo much better once I had fluids and Zofran. I wasn't sick for 24 hours, only about 9. I am a nurse myself and I reeeeeaaallly tried to avoid the ER. But that was horrible. Glad I went.
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